People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 27

July 03, 2011




‘Electoral Reforms Crucial

In Curbing Corruption’


ONE of the key steps required to eradicate corruption in the country is to ensure the removal of influence of money in the elections by banning funds from corporate bodies to political parties.


This was stated by the CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury while addressing  the 10th death anniversary meeting of former CPI(M) Polit Bureau member, Comrade Moturu Hanumantha Rao in Vellaturu, Guntur district, in Andhra Pradesh on June 18. Earlier Yechury inaugurated the statue of Comrade MH in Vellaturu, the native place of Comrade MH.


Yechury spoke about the growing role of money in elections and underlined the need to curtail this by banning all funds being provided by corporate bodies to the political parties. He said the funding of political parties by corporate bodies amounts to interference in the process of the governance and thus makes exploitation rampant. He expressed concern that on one side the prices of essential commodities are rising, along with the other rising burdens on the people, while on the other side employment generation is not increasing.


The CPI(M) leader pooh poohed prime minister’s assertions that his government is providing an administration that is honest.  He said scams involving trillions of rupees, from 2G spectrum to KG basin gas are tumbling out on a regular basis. This is the most corrupt government, he felt.




Yechury charged that the capitalist, imperialist and the exploitative forces all  together conspired in order to weaken the Left forces in the country because it was the Left that was blocking their efforts to privatise the public sector companies and usher in greater neo liberal economic policies during the UPA-I government. He recalled how that government tried to hand over the banking, insurance and other sectors, including the pension funds of the employees to the private capitalists. The Left parties, which were providing crucial outside support to that government, fought tooth and nail to prevent this and that is the reason the global financial crisis did not impact India much, he emphasised.


As a part of this conspiracy of weakening the Left, the imperialists, corporate organisations, religious fundamentalists and the ‘Maoists’ came together to overthrow the Left Front governments of West Bengal and Kerala. But despite their machinations, the Left parties in Bengal garnered 41 per cent votes. This showed a significant amount of popular support that the Left Front still retains, he said and reminded that the present governments of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bihar managed to come to office with not even 40 per cent of popular vote. The Left Front government remaining in office in Bengal uninterruptedly for seven consecutive terms since 1977 is a record in itself, which could not be repeated by any other political party, he noted. Yechury condemned the ongoing violence against the CPI(M) and Left Front cadre in Bengal. After the assembly elections, under the new dispensation, 14 comrades have been killed so far taking the total number of martyrs since 2009 Lok Sabha polls to over 400.


Yechury asserted that the only alternative to capitalism is socialism while referring to the global financial crisis still plaguing the world. He said the intensity of the ongoing crisis is something that capitalism has not experienced in the last 100 years. Those who say there is no alternative to capitalism deliberately try to underplay the severity of the crisis. He told the audience how even in advanced countries people are buying up Marx’s Capital in order to understand the present crisis.


Paturu Ramayya, Central Committee member of the CPI(M), who spoke on the occasion, lauded the role of Moturu Hanumatha Rao in the Left politics of the state. He called upon all the comrades to advance the cause of the people with the inspiration provided by the late leader. P Narasimha Rao, Guntur district secretariat member of the CPI(M) presided over the meeting. V Krishnaiah, CPI(M) state secretariat member; S Siva Reddy, CPI(M) state committee invitee, D Ramadevi, CPI(M) Guntur district secretary, G Seshubabu, village sarpanch of Vellaturu participated in the meeting. On this occasion, Yechury inaugurated the special issue brought out by Prajasakti on the occasion of the tenth death anniversary of Comrade Moturu Hanumantha Rao with special articles.




Speakers lauded Moturu Hanumantha Rao, former editor of Prajasakti, as an inspiration to not only those in politics but also in journalism. They underscored how Comrade MH scrupulously followed guidelines imbued with values not only in building the communist movement but also in journalism.


C Raghavachari, former editor of Visalandhra daily and member of MH award committee said that the writings of MH before the 1955 elections and later on rebutting the attacks on the communist movement had an immense impact on the people of the state. He lauded MH as a political analyst who remained unchallenged in terms of his clarity and analysis. The commitment he showed towards the cause of the oppressed classes made him shine as a great journalist, said Raghavachari. When onslaughts were going on against the communist politics and theory, the way Comrade MH repulsed them through down to earth writing that included humor helped in involving the downtrodden people at that time, he observed. The command he got on the topics of his profession and his voracious reading habit led him forward as a communist journalist, emphasised Raghavachari. The role of Comrade MH as an organiser in Party building and the movements and as an orator is still an inspiration for the communist journalists of today, he reminded.


K S Lakshman Rao, MLC of Guntur-Krishna districts, recalled how Comrade MH wrote many books of reference during the Vietnam war and said leaders like MH are an inspiration for the people of today.


V Krishnaiah, chairman of Prajasakti Sahitee Samstha, said that the entire machinery of Prajasakti is geared even today in the direction of achieving the goals set by Comrade MH for Prajasakti. The collective spirit and the traditions set forth by the leaders of the past generation like MH and P Sundarayya would be upheld, he assured. He condemned the corporate culture in the politics and media of today where both are intertwined. He contrasted this with Prajasakti which is highlighting the woes of the working people.


S Vinay Kumar, editor of Prajasakti daily told that the awards instituted in the name of Comrade MH are being given every year since the last 10 years for reporters writing the best stories. This year, the story named “Sukshmam Nundi Moksham Edi” (Where is the liberation from the micro finance?), written by Nagaraju, staff reporter of Sakshi daily won the best story award. Nagaraju was handed over the winning shield and a cash award of Rs 10,000 at the meeting by Sitaram Yechury. In the same way, awards are being given every year in the name of Bomma Reddy, former editor of Prajasakti.  S Muralikrishna, Prajasakti staff reporter Khammam was awarded with Rs 4000 and Paripurnam staff reporter of Mahabubnagar was awarded Rs 3000 besides being felicitated. Moturu Usha and Moturu Tania, daughters of Moturu Hanumantha Rao along with his son-in-laws Rangarao and Sudhakar participated in the program.