People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 23

June 05, 2011




Reign of Terror Continues


The one sided campaign of violence unleashed by Trinamool Congress goons in the state of West Bengal after the assembly elections continues unabated. After killing 10 CPI(M) activists in the immediate aftermath of elections, scores of brutal physical attacks on CPI(M) leaders, activists and supporters are occurring almost daily. The districts of Purulia, East and West Midnapore in particular are witness to this violence.


Forcible occupation of CPI(M) and trade union offices is becoming widespread in these districts. CPI(M) leaders and activists are being threatened to leave their homes and its supporters are being asked to pay protection money in many villages.


Below we give a list of attacks and incidents that have taken place in the recent past in these districts.



May 24, 2011: In Purulia, the TMC miscreants attacked and beat up Saraswati Sabar, vice chairperson of Napara gram panchayat. Later, police arrested local CPI(M) leader Umesh Mahato and Rabi Mahato on the false allegation of keeping illegal arms. The local people protested the police action.


May 25, 2011: TMC hoodlums attacked and ransacked local CPI(M) activist Kiran Maji’s house in Salboni village under Tentlo gram panchayat of Balarampur. Maji was also beaten up severely. When taken to a local hospital, the TMC miscreants attempted to attack other CPI(M) leaders who visited, including Party zonal committee secretary concerned. In Manbazar, the residence of freedom fighter Bhabini Mahato was also ransacked.



May 25, 2011: TMC goons looted the CPI(M) zonal committee office in Khudiram Nagar in Haldia assembly constituency area. They also captured another trade union office, Niren Ghosh Shramik Kalyan Sanstha near the dock. Already, a number of trade union offices were captured by the TMC goons in Haldia such as Tata Chemicals Union Office, two offices of the Tata Steel Union, IOC Union Office, Lalbaba Company Union, Hindustan Union, Patikhali Loading-Uploading Union, Shaw Wallace Contractor Workers’ Union etc. Surajit Jana, a councillor in Haldia was severely beaten up by the TMC miscreants near Hatiberia area. They also looted and ransacked CPI(M) local committee office near Hatieria. CITU members are being coerced to join TMC affiliated trade union organisations.


It is apprehended that the TMC goons will attack CPI(M) Haldia zonal committee office (Sukumar Sengupta Bhawan).


The TMC miscreants captured CPI(M) Tamluk Gramin zonal committee office. Chitta Khan, member of Matangini zonal committee of our party was severely beaten up by the TMC goons. They have also destroyed Party Gourangapur branch office under Nimtouri local committee.


On the same day, TMC goons looted and ransacked the CPI(M) local committee office in Laksha, which falls in Mahisadal assembly constituency. The CPI(M) local offices in Kasimnagar and Geonkhali were also targeted.


In Maishora village under Panskura West assembly constituency area, the TMC goons hurled bombs into the house of former chairman of Purba Medinipur Zilla Parishad, Niranjan Sihi on May 25. It may be recalled two CPI(M) leaders, Shamsad Ali, zonal committee member, and Kishore Pande, local committee member, were severely beaten up in Maishora on May 13. Their hands have been fractured and they suffered head injuries as well. They have been admitted to the Midnapore College Hospital. On May 14, armed TMC miscreants attacked CPI(M) activists and local leaders throughout Maishora area. In Naroi Ramchandrapur village they beat up Party branch secretary Niranjan Sahu, in Kespat village they attacked Baidyanath Das, Sadhan Malik, Fazle Haq, Krishnaprasad Das and Nemai Pal. Some of the Party leaders were forced to leave their houses. TMC goons are also extorting huge funds from CPI(M) supporters under gun point.


In Kontai North: TMC goons have been threatening Party supporters in No 2 gram panchayat of Egra in Bathuari and attacking the houses of CPI(M) activists and sympathisers. They have been ‘searching’ every house and intimidating Party workers. Two families were forced to leave their homes. On May 17, the TMC goons declared that some of the Party members had to pay Rs 12.5 lakh as ‘fine’ if they wanted to stay in the village.


In Ramnagar: TMC goons tried to put the Digha local committee and two other offices on fire. In Talgachhari, they beat up a zonal committee member, Arabinda Patra. The TMC miscreants captured the CPI(M) Jagatitala branch committee office.


In Chandipur: TMC goons have occupied local Party office in Goalpukur village under Bhagawanpur PS. Sambhunath Maity, a local Party leader was severely beaten up.


In Khejuri: TMC miscreants severely beat up 7 to 8 people from Harijanpalli. Out of them, the condition of Paban Ghorai is critical. In Garang village, Sachin Giri and other members of his family were beaten up. The goons also severely beat up people from eight families and threatened them to leave their homes. Papers and documents at two offices of the Party, in Sherkhanchowk and Dhangchurkunjatur, have been burnt. They also captured Party’s Baratala local committee office. In Dekhali village, local Party leader Dhiren Bar was also beaten up. The zonal committee office of the Party is forcibly closed. In Amdabad, they attacked our supporters while holding a procession.


In Nandigram: TMC goons attacked and ransacked Reyapara local committee office. They attacked the house of CPI(M) district committee member, Sujata Maity, and set it on fire. They assaulted Party sympathisers and activists in Brindabanchowk and West Birulia. About 65 people were forcibly vacated from their houses. Ajit Mandal of Birulia village, who was beaten severely by these goons, has been admitted to a hospital in Kolkata. Santosh Ranjit and Sujoy Ranjit of Amgechia village, Mahadeb Maity, Arjun Maity of Southkhali, Satya Bag of Brindabanchowk, Himangshu Gayen of Sonachura were also beaten up.


The TMC goons forcibly entered into Kabi Sukanta B.Ed College and hoisted the TMC flag over the college building. Asok Guria, a senior Party leader in the area, was physically assaulted. TMC miscreants captured Reyapara Gopalpur branch committee office. They are also planning to capture CPI(M) Reyapara zonal committee office any day.


In Patashpur: In Bharat gram panchayat area, CPI(M) activists including Shankar Majhi, in Paharpur three activists including Goursamata, and two other activists from Vonara village were attacked by TMC goons. In villages of Madan Mohanpur, Chandan Khali, Mathura, Balyagovindpur of Patashpur 2 block and No.12 gram panchayat, villages of Ichhabari Siari, Jabda, Kakhuria, Mangal Chowk, Laya of No 15 gram panchayat and villages Mallikpur, Sukakhola, Hinghibar and Bamanbar under No 13 gram panchayat, widespread assault, arson and destruction have been carried out by these forces. They have locked Party Southkhand local committee office.


Anadinandan Rath, a local leader of the Party and an elected member of Purba Medinipur Zilla Parishad is forced to stay outside his house after it was ransacked by the TMC goons.


In Kontai P S: Laxman Paria and his wife of Petua-Pratap Pur village were forced to leave their house due to threats of TMC goons. The TMC miscreants are also threatening CPI(M) activists and supporters in villages like Dahasonamui, Kalichowk, Fulbari, Basdebbaria, Baharchanberia, Kasafalia, Ghoraghata, Namaldiha.


In Marishda P S: The TMC goons captured the Krishak Sabha office in Marishda market and hoisted the TMC flag over it. They are terrorising Party supporters in villages like Chhoto Namai, Hari Gechhia and Sarpai village.


In Mugaberia: CPI(M) Mugaberia zonal committee office is closed. Almost all leading activists, including Party zonal committee secretary have been forced to leave their houses.


CPI(M) zonal committee offices in Patashpur, Pratapdighi, Magberia, Khejuri and Nandigram are also closed. Even distribution of Ganashakti  has been ‘banned’ by the TMC hoodlums.





May 14, 2011: Barda local committee office under Ghatal zone, has been locked by the TMC miscreants.


May 15, 2011: Vidyasagar local committee office under Birshingh village has been locked after forcibly driving out Party workers from the office.


May 20, 2011: Samat branch office under Daspur-I has been ransacked and the furniture inside damaged. After removing the CPI(M) flag, the flag of TMC has been hoisted by the TMC hoodlums.


May 20 to 27, 2011: Assaulting the CPI(M) workers, damaging the office furniture, threatening to kill two CPI(M) workers, and burning the CPI(M) flags have been the regular feature in this district during this period. Other disturbing activities are being done in a pre-planned way by TMC miscreants (who are often brought from outside) in different villages – such as Beleghata, Chandipur, Makarampur, Rajnagar, Sarberia, Supapursuri, Hari Rajpur and other adjoining villages under Dispur – I zone.


Beside these, Sachi Sasmal, a Narajole local committee member and Goal Bhunia party zonal committee member were brutally assaulted and threatened with dire consequences if they do not leave their homes.


Gopal Adhikari, secretary of Srinagar local committee under Chandrakona – I zone, has been forced to come out of the house and beaten brutally, later he has not been allowed to even undergo medical treatment.


May 23, 2011: TMC hoodlums hurled bombs into the Nandanpur local committee office and took away 3 motorcycles after locking the Party office.


May 25, 2011: Six permanent workers have been forcibly driven out from the SIMA cold storage of Chandrakona – I and not allowed to joined duty since then. The gram panchayat office no 3 under Mohanpur Block has been ransacked by TMC workers without finding any valuable goods and it was verified by SDO.


May 26, 2011: The Ghatal College student union office run by the elected SFI member has been locked by the TMC miscreants. They posted a threat to the SFI member. On the same day, CPI(M) workers inside the Dewanchowk Party office of Raghunathpur were severely beaten and the Party office has been locked from outside. The CPI(M) flag has been torched and the office has been forcibly occupied. About 100 to 150 TMC miscreants assembled near Dakshin Borai School and ransacked it by alleging arms and weapons were stored in the school premises. CPI(M) supporters were physically manhandled and assaulted by the TMC miscreants under the leadership of Purna Jana, a local TMC leader. Similar strength crowd of TMC miscreants assaulted and threatened to kill Ramani Jana, district committee member and zonal committee secretary of Mohanpur.


May 27, 2011: The house of CPI(M) member and leader of district Krishak Sangh, Sridam Bera of Basantapur, has been ransacked and damaged. He was brutally assaulted by the TMC miscreants. He has been hospitalised with severe head injury in the Midnapur Medical College Hospital.


Even women ICDS workers have not been spared, one of whom was severely beaten up and is now admitted in the Garbeta Hospital in a critical condition.


Four CPI(M) workers) under Goaltore zone have been brutally attacked. Their  condition being so serious that they have been sent to Bankura Medical College Hospital.


On the same day, May 27, 2011, the branch secretary of Maula, under Salboni Zone, Ajay Khorat, was tied to a tree and brutally beaten up by the TMC miscreants.The zonal committee member of CPI(M) Nimai Nayek has also been seriously injured by sudden attack of the TMC hoodlums.


At the all party meeting at Sabang on May 27, it was unanimously decided that, from now on all violent incidents and torture and atrocities will be stopped forthwith. Despite that decision, in the next 24 hours the TMC miscreants forcibly occupied the land of the share croppers, Sukumar Mandal and the Patta land of Madan Mandal and Jaba Mandal of Mallarpur village.


Just after election, the Srinagar local committee office of CPI(M) under Chandrakona – I has been bolted and locked by the TMC miscreants under the pretext that a huge cache of arms and ammunition has been dumped inside the party office. The police, breaking the lock barged into the office and no arms and ammunition was found, except two bullets, definitely thrown from outside. Obviously, it was a pre-planned conspiracy as the office has been closed for long period bolted with lock and was under TMC control.


CPI(M) Offices Searched by Police without Warrants


1.     Keshpur ZC office

2.     Kharagpur – I ZC office

3.     Khakurda LC office

4.     Bakhrabad LC office

5.     Kultikri LC office

6.     Sankrail ZC office

7.     Jhargram Town ZC office

8.     Jhargram Rural ZC office

9.     Salboni ZC office

10. Bhadutala LC office

11. Amarpur LC office

12. Jhankra LC office

13. Basanchhora LC office

14. Anandapur LC office

15. Chhutargeriya LC office

16. Kharkushma LC office which was under the custody of TMC – since May 14, 2011

17. Fulberiya LC office

18. Pirakata LC office

19. Kashijora LC office

20. Sultan LC office where some bag of unused 2-3 guns was found on the roof which was kept at night by TMC people.

21. Pingla ZC office (search warrant) where 3 country-made

22. Enayetpur LC office

23. Chandra LC office

24. Kankabati LC office

25. Dherua LC office

26. Sahaspur LC office


Besides above more than two dozen of branch offices were also searched by the police similarly.