People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 19

May 08, 2011



Ban the Killer Pesticide, Endosulfan

The Left members of parliament held a dharna in the Parliament House on April 26, 2011 demanding a global ban on killer pesticide – endosulfan. Leader of the CPI(M) in  Rajya  Sabha, Sitaram Yechury led the dharna that was participated by P Karunakaran, deputy leader of the CPI(M) in Lok Sabha, P Rajeev, M P  Achuthan, P K  Biju, T N Seema, A Sampath and Tarini Kanta Roy. The  MPs submitted a memorandum to the prime minister urging him to intervene and support the global ban. The following is the text of the memorandum:

WE request the kind personal attention of the prime minister on the following mind shocking facts. Kasargod district of Kerala state once known for its greenery is now haunted by diseases and tragedy due to the evil effects of endosulfan a deadly pesticide sprayed in this district in previous decades. Thousands of victims including children are suffering for their survival. Now the hearts and hands of each Keralite are extending towards these victims for rehabilitation. The UNO classifies endosulfan as highly dangerous insect killer and its aerial spraying causes physical and mental abnormalities like mental retardation, cancer, infertility, birth disorders, damages to brain and nerves etc. In this connection, for the sake of the people of Kasargod and Kerala, the intervention of the central government is highly expected for a total global ban on endosulfan in the ‘POP’ International Convention at Stockholm. Now unfortunately, the union government has so far taken a pro-endosulfan stand at the international level. On seeing the live tragic scenario in Kasargod and other areas, this stand should be corrected and it is time to support the victims through war footing rehabilitation packages. The need of the hour is to provide assistance through compensation and rehabilitation of the victims of endosulfan. By opposing the ban, the government is allowing multi-national companies to plunder the country. Realising its hazards, 84 countries have already banned endosulfan. Even the US, one of the greatest producers of the pesticide, had also banned it in 2010.


Strong public movement and agitations including of mothers, across the country are going on, to take steps to ban endosulfan. Also the central government had not yet shown willingness to give any assistance to the state for payment of compensation to the victims of endosulfan and their rehabilitation for which a package of Rs 442 crores was submitted by the state government for central assistance.


Hence, we humbly submit that directions may be issued to the representatives at the Stockholm Convention to speak against the endosulfan and press for the total global ban of the killer insecticide. The people of Kasargod also expect that the rehabilitation package submitted by the state government as well as the district panchayat, Kasargod will be whole heartedly supported by the centre at the earliest.