People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 17

April  24, 2011




CPI(M) Welcomes SC Direction

On Caste Panchayats


The Haryana state committee of the  Communist Party of India  (Marxist) welcomed the directions issued by the Supreme Court regarding the menace of casteism and caste panchayats. The state secretariat of the Party while reacting in this context has termed the comments of Supreme Court as being timely. The secretariat said that under the shameless protection of ruling class politics the way in which forces of vested interests have become active under the garb of caste gotra panchayats and holding the rule of law and democracy to ransom, pose a serious challenge to the society as a whole.


The state secretariat has said that as per the directions of the Supreme Court, the state government should also give up its opportunistic stance of giving patronage to caste panchayats and effectively curb activities which are otherwise trampling upon the fundamental rights of common citizens.


The CPI(M) feels that the weaker sections and progressive forces fighting against casteism will get strength by the Supreme Court directions. The Party has also said that the ever increasing casteist politics and caste mobilisation can only be isolated by the continuous organised efforts of the people.


The Party while strongly condemning the incident of the beating up of two women to death in Bhiwani district, has said that this incident clearly shows the criminals have no fear for the rule of law. It is quite unfortunate that no one from the entire village came out to save the women.