People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 07

February 13, 2011

Fight Feudal Oppression, Strengthen Class Unity


WHILE inaugurating the two-day workshop of dalit CPI(M) activists, its state secretary, Badal Saroj, said the CPI(M) is no votary of casteism and strives to mobilise the people on class lines in order to usher into a society free from exploitation. But in order to forge the democratic values ahead in our society that is a bourgeois feudal society, we have to break the values of the existing society that still shackle a large section of our masses. Caste consciousness is one such shackle. The ruling classes constantly try to use casteism in their interest and that is why the Communist Party, since its very inception, has fought against casteist oppression. The party has fought several struggles for securing the right of the dalit people’s entry into temples. The CPI(M) is today fighting in all parts of the country against casteist oppression.


Badal Saroj pointed out that we cannot bring this socially oppressed and economically exploited section of our society to the mainstream of the democratic movement unless we link up our struggle against caste oppression with our class struggles. He expressed the hope that the workshop would play an important role in organising such struggles.