People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 05

January 30, 2011

Inept Handling of the Haryana Govt


THE Haryana state committee of the CPI(M)  has held the state government primarily responsible for the recent developments related to Mirchpur incident. After taking stock of the situation arising out of weeklong railway stoppage by some people, the state secretariat has held the state government responsible for the failure to prevent the occurrence of Mirchpur episode in the first place. The recent developments are also the result of totally inept handling of the matter by the government during subsequent months.


It is to be recalled that while condemning the heinous act, the CPI(M) had demanded only the main perpetrators of the carnage be arrested and punished severely. But for the lack of will towards the rule of law and social justice at the level of Haryana government, recent developments could have not happened.


According to the Party no one wants any innocent person to be punished and some impartial inquiry within the legal framework may be acceptable to provide relief to the innocent persons. But the law should take its course to punish the guilty.


The Party state secretary Inderjit Singh has in a press release pointed out that some divisive forces were aiming at caste consolidation at a time when the peasant and worker unity was needed the most in resisting the bankrupt policies responsible for agrarian crisis, price rise and unemployment.


He has appealed all sections of the people to remain vigilant against vested elements in the garb of caste or khap and refrain from any provocative act which may adversely affect the social fabric of the society.