People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 04

January 23, 2011


‘Investigate All Killings since 1990’

Arif Shafi Wani


MAINTAINING that Kashmiris were suffering due to inordinate delay by India and Pakistan in resolving the dispute, secretary of the Jammu & Kashmir state unit of the CPI(M), Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami, has demanded investigation into all the killings in the valley since 1990, including those of 112 civilians last year, and revocation of the special powers given to the security forces.


In a statement issued on January 18, the CPI(M) leader said, “We want thorough investigation into every killing, whether of Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq or Abdul Ghani Lone, and into the  112 killings last year. The accused irrespective of status or rank must be brought to book.”


Referring to the last summer’s unrest which left 112 civilians dead at the hands of the police and armed forces action, Tarigami said the government of India must listen to the Kashmiri youth. “Although I may not subscribe to the mode of expression of the Kashmir youth, it is high time for the government of India to listen to them to know their problems and aspirations. However, if nobody listens to them, I fear their anger may take the shape of a revolution,” he said.


Tarigami said the improvement in the ground situation in the valley must pave way for revocation of the special powers given to the armed forces and of the “draconian laws” including the Public Safety Act. He further said we have seen how the like the AFSPA and PSA are being misused in the state. For example, if a court the orders release of a detainee, he is re-arrested soon. The law protectors have turned into its violators. It is high time for such laws and special powers to be revoked,” he stressed .


Coming down heavily on the BJP, Tarigami said such parties are bent upon dividing the state. “Kashmir was divided once and we will not let the bloody history to repeat again. The geography and ideologies of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh might be different, but the people have always lived here in harmony. If the BJP wants to do petty politics or assume power at the centre, let them do it in Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh and spare Kashmir,” he said.


Terming the BJP’s flag hoisting yatra as a mere hoax, Tarigami observed that Kashmir has turned out to be a big industry for some vested interests. Instead of responding to the ground situation, some of the national level political parties are busy making political profit out of the people’s sufferings in the state. He cautioned that such disruptive attempts can only result in further deterioration in the situation. Some people are desperately trying to divide the people of Jammu & Kashmir and exploit our rich diversities for divisive purposes, he said, stressing that the people of the state must come forward to foil such designs and remain united.


About the BJP’s plan to hoist the tricolour at Lal Chowk on January 26, Tarigami said, “Such disruptive attempts can only lead to further deterioration in the situation.” He pointed out that Kashmiris have been suffering due to decades of inordinate delay by India and Pakistan in the resolution of their dispute on Kashmir. Whether bullets have been fired from this side or that, it is the innocent Kashmiris who are at the receiving end. “Instead of factories for the unemployed, there are graveyards in every nook and corner of the valley,” Tarigami said.


The CPI(M) leader maintained that Indian parliament has an important role in resolving the Kashmir issue. “When three interlocutors were appointed, we had stressed that Kashmir is a political issue and has to be resolved politically. Parliamentarians can play a key role in resolving the issue,” he said.


He also demanded hassle free movement of Kashmiris through the Line of Control. “Let Kashmiris on the two sides be allowed to meet each other. The LoC should not stand as a barrier but be a facilitator,” he said.