People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 02

January 09, 2011



‘Bringing about Decisive Turn in People’s Life,

Building DPRK as a Prosperous Country’


Below we publish excerpts from the joint editorial of DPRK papers Rodong Sinmun, Joson Inmingun and Chongnyon Jonwi on the New Year 2011.


TODAY we are greeting the year 2011, a year filled with hope, a year of new prosperity, after glorifying the stirring first decade of the 21st century as a decade full of great victories.


The last year, 2010, was a year of great changes, when miraculous events that provided a picture of a prosperous tomorrow took place one after another.


The conference of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which was convened amidst the mounting political enthusiasm of our people and the great interest of the world, proved to be a major milestone in the development of our party eternally into the party of President Kim II Sung and in the enhancing of its leadership authority to the maximum.


The celebrations, held at the highest standard and in a characteristic way greeting the 65th anniversary of the founding of the party, vividly demonstrated before the eyes of the world the might of the single-hearted unity and invincible military strength that reached a new high.


New Year 2011 is a year of general offensive, which a radical turn should be brought about in the building of a thriving nation by kindling more fiercely the flames of great upsurge in improving the people’s standard of living.


General Kim Jong Il said:


“We should bring earlier the bright future of a thriving nation by making continuous innovations and advance, full of confidence in victory.”


Next year we will be greeting the centenary of the birth of President Kim II Sung. President Kim II Sung is the founding father of socialist Korea and pioneer of the cause of building a Juche oriented powerful nation. We should launch an all-out, vigorous offensive for a breakthrough to realise the wish of the president to build a prosperous country, and thus greet the centenary of his birth as the greatest holiday of Kim II Sung’s nation and a great even of humankind.


“Bring about a decisive turn in the improvement of the people’s standard of living and the building of a great, prosperous and powerful country by accelerating the development of light industry once again this year!” This is the militant slogan we should uphold in speeding up the onward march for a great upsurge in the New Year.


Light industry is the major front in the general offensive of this year.


Continuous efforts should be directed to putting the production of consumer goods on a modern, scientific basis. Public and nationwide concern for light industry should be heightened. A great effort should be channelled into putting the production of raw and other materials on a Juche oriented, domestic basis.


The vanguard sectors of the national economy and the sectors of basic industry should be developed further this year.


A revolution in light industry is just a revolution in chemical industry.


The agricultural front is the lifeline for solving the problem of people’s living. We should try to bring about an innovation in agricultural production as the key to giving full play to the advantages of our style of socialism and opening the gates of a thriving country.


Monumental structures for people’s happiness, the construction of the Huichon power station, the coal gasification project in Hungnam, the construction of 100,000 flats in Pyongyang and other major construction projects should be accelerated to the maximum for their completion at the earliest date possible.


An important way to accelerate the speed of the onward march for a great upsurge in the whole of economic construction is to continue to intensify the drive of breaking through the cutting edge.


Greater efforts should be made to spruce up the overall looks of the country as appropriate to a thriving nation.


A decisive guarantee for this year’s successful general onward march is in raising the party’s leadership role in every way.


The party’s leadership system should be established more thoroughly in politics, the military, the economy and all other sectors.


We should further strengthen the militant might of the People’s Army as we hold fast to our Party’s line of the Songun revolution.


The People’s Army should firmly carry forward the precious tradition of absolutely trusting and following the party and the leader and defending them unto death.


The defence industry is a source of the mightiness of Songun Korea and a reliable guarantee for the improvement of the people’s standard of living.


Last year our nation’s movement for the country’s reunification made dynamic progress even in the face of the vicious challenges of the separatist forces inside and outside.


The new decade of the 21st century is the years of hope, years of reunification and prosperity, when the tragedy of national division must be brought to an end.


This year we should launch a more determined campaign to improve inter-Korean relations and reunify the country under the slogan, “Let all Korean in the north, south and abroad join efforts and bring a new phase of independent reunification!”


Confrontation between north and south should be defused as early as possible.


The danger of war should be removed and peace safeguarded in the Korean peninsula.


Dialogue and cooperation should be promoted proactively.


The North-South Joint Declaration is a banner of independent reunification which all the fellow countrymen should invariably hold high and a milestone of national prosperity.


The DPRK is consistent in its stand and will to achieve peace in Northeast Asia and denuclearisation of the whole of the Korean Peninsula. We will, in the future, too strive to develop relations of friendship and cooperation with countries that are friendly towards us and achieve global independence under the ideals of independence peace and friendship.


Let us all bring about a decisive turn in the building of a great prosperous and powerful country in high spirits, firmly rallied around the party central committee.