People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 50

December 12, 2010


MPs Condemn Govt for Protecting the Corrupt


The  members of parliament belonging to the CPI(M), CPI, AIFB, RSP, TDP, Janata Dal(S), AIADMK, AGP, BJD, MDMK and RLD  met on December 6, 2010 and adopted the following resolution.


IT Expresses Its Deep Regret

That the government continues its stubborn opposition to the formation of a joint parliamentary committee into the 2G scam, thus creating an unprecedented situation where parliament could not so far function even for a single day during the entire session. The government has been unable to advance any argument whatsoever as to why it is so opposed to the formation of a JPC into what is admittedly the biggest scam the country has seen.


It Asserts

That the formation of JPC is in the national interest as it will have the mandate, unlike other parliamentary committees, to go into all the different dimensions of the issue and will be able to suggest adequate safeguards against recurrence of such massive scams in the future.


It Urges

That the government immediately stop its continued jettisoning of the winter session of parliament and allow parliament to function by accepting the legitimate demand raised by all sections of the opposition, for a JPC.


It Protests

Against the adoption of appropriation bills without any discussion which does great injustice to the parliamentary system itself.


It Draws Attention to

The urgent need for parliament to function to discuss the most burning problems affecting the interest of the common people including sky-high price rise, particularly rise in the price of food items, which can only be attributed to the wrong policies that the government is pursuing, even as food grains rot in government godowns.


It condemns

The pernicious policy of the government that protects the corrupt people in high positions and seeks to cover up the rampant loot of the economy, creating a situation whereby members of parliament are denied the right to perform their duties as elected representatives of the people in parliament.


It Resolves

To continue the struggle against the reckless rise in corruption resulting in loot of national resources as exposed in a series of scams from 2G to the Commonwealth Games to illegal mining and also the land scams in Karnataka.


It Calls upon the People

To raise their voice against the damage being caused to the parliamentary system by the prolonged holding up of the parliament as a result of the government ignoring the collective opinion of the opposition for a JPC which reflects an authoritarian approach in the governance of the country.