People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 41

October 10, 2010




Karat inaugurates Prithvi- Prabhat Bhawan in Hisar


WHILE inaugurating a newly constructed building for offices of the organisations of toiling masses, CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat emphatically stated that the people of West Bengal will once again foil all nefarious games of anti communist forces as they have done so many times in the past. He was addressing a well attended meeting on  September 29 at Hisar in Haryana after inaugurating a building named after Comrade Prithvi Singh and Prabhat singh who departed two years ago. He exhorted the audience to stand behind CPI(M) and Left front that has been making great sacrifices to fight back the unholy nexus of all anti communist forces including Trinamool, Congress(I), Maoists etc supported by imperialism.


Prakash Karat highlighted the pro-people record of the 33 year Left Front rule in West Bengal and the most arduous struggles before and after independence, resulting in the creation of the Left Front and government led by it and continuously supported by toiling people all along while making glorious sacrifices. He hoped that those who have been sympathising with the Maoists should also understand that they have nothing to do with any meaningful social change and were indulging in senseless violence mercilessly killing ordinary tribal workers, school teachers, poor agricultural labourers who were active in organising the poor. He said vested interests were using the Maoists against the organised Left.        


Prakash Karat stated that he was sad in remembering the occasion when he had come to attend Comrade Prithviís condolence meeting where Comrade Prabhat too was present but alas he was not among us today as a fatal road accident snatched him from us only a few days after Prithviís demise. At the same time he said that he was happy that our comrades in Haryana and Hisar have shown the desired courage to bear this great loss and constructed this center of struggles of workers and peasants in a record time. He told that we were not like many other parties who use the resources of the people for their private interests, rather, we, the communists make the best use of financial contributions of the people for creating the working centers of toiling people.


Karat explained how the CPI(M) was striving hard to work for the alternative path of development in contrast to the capitalist path that has resulted into terrible disparities between the rich and the poor. He also appealed the people to receive the court verdict in Ayodhya dispute with patience as the only alternative to such disputes can be the legal recourse and those who were not satisfied could go to the next higher court.  


Inderjit Singh, state secretary dealt with the problems of ordinary masses suffering from wrong priorities of the state government. led by Congress since past six years. He challenged the Congress party for boasting Haryana governmentís land acquisition policy as ideal and asked why there were protests from the farmers everywhere the land was being acquired, if the policy was an ideal one. He also expressed deep concern over the increasing tendency of politics of caste consolidation resorted to by Congress and some other political parties as evident in incidents like Mirchpur in Hisar, post Dulina Court verdict happenings in Jhajjar or the hated honour killings etc. He called upon the audience to speed up the pace of social reform campaigns on issues like discrimination of women, dalits, minorities and other poorer sections and also against other social evils that were impediments in the socio- cultural development of society.         


Others who spoke on this occasion included Surender Singh, Harpal Singh, Krishan Swarup, RamKumar Bahbalpuria. A sizeable number of women, employees and other sections also enthusiastically participated in the programme. The function was organised by Prithvi- Prabhat Samarak Samiti on whose behalf R C Jagga welcomed the participants and Suresh Kumar thanked all those who generously contributed financially and in kind for the Bhawan. The CPI(M) Karnal district secretary Jagmal Singh handed  over a cheque of Rs 25,000 to Prakash Karat towards Surjeet Bhawan to be set up in Delhi.