People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 41

October 10, 2010



The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met at New Delhi on October 4-5, 2010. It has issued the following statement on October 5.


On Ayodhya Judgement


The response of the people to the verdict of the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court has shown that the people find a settlement of the dispute by the judicial process acceptable.  The general reaction of the people has been that the matter should not be once again used in a divisive manner. 


The verdict for a three way division of the land is, however, based on “faith and belief”.  This aspect of the set of judgements is disturbing as it accords primacy to religious belief and faith over and above the facts and the record of evidence.  It will set a dangerous precedent for the future.  When the matter goes to the Supreme Court on appeal, it is to be hoped that this issue will be addressed. 


The demolition of the Babri Masjid in December 1992 was a criminal offence and an assault on the secular principle.  It is true that this was not a matter being considered by the Special Bench.  However, there are apprehensions that the reasoning set out in the judgements may be taken as a post-facto justification for the demolition.  The cases pertaining to the demolition which are being heard by other  courts have to be  seriously pursued.


The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) reiterates that in the secular democratic set-up ordained in the  constitution, the way to resolve the matter is through the judicial process and the decision of the Supreme Court would be final.  The CPI(M) is confident that all sections of the people will uphold and support this course of action.


On Jammu & Kashmir


The Polit Bureau discussed the situation in the Kashmir Valley in the context of the all-party delegation to Jammu & Kashmir and the announcement by the central government of its eight point plan. 


The Polit Bureau reiterated that it is necessary to change the overall security strategy and the manner in which civil protests are being tackled.  The eight point plan does not adequately reflect this change.  The state government should expedite the  release of all arrested persons during the four month-long agitation. Further, compensation should be paid not only to the families of those killed in police firings and also to the  large number who have been injured.  The rehabilitation package for the  Kashmiri pandits who have been displaced should be implemented. 


As for the appointment of interlocutors for initiating a dialogue with all sections in the state, it will be better if there is a parliamentary or political committee to conduct talks.   Only a political committee can seriously conduct exercise of initiating  dialogue. 


West Bengal


The Polit Bureau heard a report on the political situation in West Bengal.  The people of the Maoist-affected  Jangalmahal have been resisting and protesting against the Maoist violence and intimidation.  The people  have mobilised in a big way to rebuff the Maoists in West Midnapore district.  Upset at this development, the Trinamul leader Mamata Banerjee is demanding the withdrawal of the joint forces operating in the area and making wild allegations against the CPI(M).


Not only is the Trinamul Congress collaborating with the Maoists, recently the  railway minister visited Darjeeling and is forging ties with the GJM who are bent upon dividing the state of West Bengal.


The CPI(M) and the Left Front will continue to expose these unprincipled alliances and fight such disruptive politics. 




The Polit Bureau heard a report on the preparations of the Party and the LDF for the forthcoming panchayat and local bodies elections to be held in Kerala on October 23 and 25.  The election campaign of the LDF has begun and is  receiving a positive response from the people.


Bihar Assembly Elections


The Polit Bureau discussed the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections. It approved a list of 30 seats and  candidates to be put up by the Bihar state committee.


Food Inflation and Food Security


The food inflation rate has again started rising and it touched 16.44 per cent in the week ending September 18.  While the people  are  suffering from the price rise, the government is finding excuses such as floods and rains  for the destruction of supplies.  At this time of the season normally prices decline, this has highlighted the failure of the government to check price rise. 


The central government has ignored the directive of the Supreme Court to  distribute the huge stocks of foodgrains free of cost to the poor rather than letting it rot.  On the contrary, it is pursuing the anti-people policy of pressurising the states, to lift “additional allotment” at a price that is even higher than the  present issue price of APL foodgrains.  At the same time, the objectionable new scheme of  further targeting being proposed by the  National Advisory Council as well as the proposal to cut all subsidies to APL show the mockery that is being made of the concept of food security. 


The Polit Bureau reiterates its demand for a universal public distribution system with a  minimum allocation of 35 kgs of  foodgrains at Rs. 2 per kg.  The expenditure on this will still be less than 2 per cent of the GDP. 


Land Acquisition Bill


In the recent period, the issue of forcible land acquisition for various projects in different states against the consent of a majority of landholders and the highly  inadequate compensation offered to the farmers has come to the fore.  This has highlighted the necessity for the new Land Acquisition Act alongwith the legislation  for resettlement  and rehabilitation.


The Polit Bureau demands that the 1894 Land Acquisition Act be scrapped and the government bring forth legislations for  land acquisition and for resettlement and rehabilitation in the forthcoming session of Parliament.


Central Committee Meeting


The Polit Bureau decided to convene a meeting of the Central Committee  of the Party on November 19-21, 2010 at New Delhi.