People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 39

September 26, 2010

“Your Solidarity Will Help

Left Front to Overcome Challenges”


The solidarity being expressed through out the country with the ongoing struggle of the Left Front in Bengal against the forces of reaction will help in overcoming the challenges it faces from these forces, said CPI(M) West Bengal state secretariat member Srideep Bhattacharjee.


Underlining the fact that West Bengal has become an intensified theatre of class struggle in the country, he expressed confidence that the Left Front will create history by winning the coming assembly elections for the eighth successive term.


Srideep Bhattacharjee was addressing a convention today in Hyderabad, organised by the CPI(M) Andhra Pradesh state committee condemning the ongoing violence against the CPI(M) in Bengal and expressing solidarity with the Left Front and its government. CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and state secretary B V Raghavulu presided over the meeting while the deputy general secretary of CPI S Sudhakar Reddy and state secretaries of Forward Bloc and RSP parties also addressed it. A 30-minute documentary on the latest situation in areas of West Medinipur district was screened on this occasion. The documentary has been produced  by New Media, which is a part of the India News Network. Earlier a rally was taken out from the state committee office in RTC X Roads to the venue of the convention in Sundarayya Vignana Kendram in Bagh Lingampally.


Sreedip Bhattacharjee said the terror campaign against the Left in Bengal, which has claimed more than 280 comrades lives, has been unleashed by the so-called Maoists with the full support of both TMC and Congress. Parts of the border states of Jharkhand and Orissa are being used as launching pads for these attacks and as also shelters. He pointed to the duplicity of UPA-II regime on the issue of Maoist violence when the prime minister terms it as the gravest threat facing the nation while his cabinet colleagues openly hobnob with them.


The peculiar political combination against the Left Front which comprises forces from the extreme left to extreme right, the NGOs backed by imperialism, the corporates and its media was noted as also the systematic attempts to denigrate the CPI(M) by spreading canards. “The most heinous and murderous acts of the reactionary forces do not find place in the corporate media while the people's resistance actions are presented in a distorted manner. Some intellectuals are aiding in this distortion”, he said.


The ongoing people's resistance in the jangal mahal areas is becoming stronger by each passing day. People are returning to their homes and villages. The Left flag is fluttering once again in these areas defeating the forces of terror that had boasted of not allowing the Left back in these areas. The 'Maoist' killers are on the defensive and on the run, he said amidst  applause from the audience. Srideep explained the significant achievements of the Left Front in areas of land reforms, panchayat system, agricultural production, education and health sectors etc through facts and figures.


B V Raghavulu in his speech highlighted how myriad forces are conspiring to launch attacks against the Left-led governments in Bengal, Kerala and Tripura with the intention of weakening the Left in the country. They are doing this because once the Left is weakened they can merrily carry on their policies of loot and servility to imperialism. Unfortunately, the Maoists, who speak of revolution, are aiding this conspiracy, he said. He stressed the need for defending these governments by all democratic forces in the country and called for campaigning among the people on these issues.


S Sudhakar Reddy said the people of the country must ponder over the reasons why only the Left-led governments are being targeted for unprecedented attacks while the many other parties' governments in other states are spared. Different tactics are adopted in these attacks – individual annihilation in Bengal, efforts to break tribal-non-tribal unity in Tripura or denigrating the LDF in Kerala using CBI. He questioned how many permutations of fronts will be formed to weaken the Left in Bengal by referring to the TMC-Congress-BJP mahajot once and now TMC-Congress-Maoists. Referring to Maoists individual annihilation policy, he said we had earlier also appealed to them to leave this path when they killed many Left cadre in AP. “We reject their path and all democratic forces in the country must condemn this murder politics”, Reddy said.


Forward Bloc state secretary Muralidhar Deshpande and RSP state secretary Janaki Ramulu also expressed solidarity with the struggling people of Bengal. A well known poet Himajwala recited a poem he wrote in solidarity with the ongoing struggle of the Left in Bengal. Praja Natya Mandali troupe rendered songs on this occasion.


The CPI(M) held programmes elsewhere in the state as part of the solidarity campaign. On Septemeber 15, B V Raghavulu attended a convention held in Vishakapatnam while Central Committee members participated in meetings held in various parts of the state. Solidarity meetings and rallies were held in most of the divisions while in some districts the campaign was held at mandal levels also.