People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 39

September 26, 2010

Tripura Stands in Solidarity with WestBengal


                                                                                  Rahul Sinha


A land of martyrs, an eyewitness to the semi-fascist, anti-communist terror, Tripura stands firm in solidarity with West Bengal, the advanced outpost of the Left and democratic movement in the country. This was the message which the people of Tripura have conveyed to one and all.


From September 11 to this date, thousands of people have joined in the mass meetings in each corner of the state, to express their unflinching support to the fighting masses of West Bengal and have at the same time warned against any attempt at creating an state of anarchy in Tripura.


It is to be noted that responding to the call of the extended meeting of the CPI(M) Central Committee, all the state units of the party have observed a West Bengal Solidarity Week from September 12 to 18. The Tripura state committee of the party, however, started the programme on September 11 itself and will continue it up to the 29th of this month.


The Solidarity  Week programmes in the state got underway on the 11th at Belonia, with a huge number of toiling masses joining the rally. CPI(M) Central Committee member and Tripura finance minister,  Badal Choudhury, addressed the meeting. Belonia was one of the subdivisions of Tripura where hoisting the red flag was unofficially banned during the Congress-TUJS semi-fascist terror regime in 1988-93. The infamous massacres of Birchandra Manu and Nalua are but a few examples of the jungle raj and the anti-communist and semi-fascist terror regime of that period. The beginning of the Solidarity Week programme from this land of martyrs was thus very significant. The mood of the gathering was that of taking a pledge to thwart the conspiracies of the national and international reactionary forces to weaken the Left Front government of West Bengal.


The same mood of solidarity and resistance was visible in each and every mass meeting. On the 15th,CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and Tripura chief minister, Manik Sarkar, addressed another mammoth gathering at Udaypur. He said while British imperialism targeted the communists in the pre-independence era, the Congress party and its governments had unleashed attacks against us in the post-independence period. Nay, such attacks are going on to date. An attack on the communists, however, is actually an attack on the mass of the poor. We have to stand in solidarity with West Bengal, not out of any compassion; it is in fact our political responsibility. West Bengal is a constant source of inspiration and strength for the toiling masses all over India in their struggle against the anti-people policies of the centre. That is why all the reactionary forces have ganged up there to unleash attacks on the Left and democratic movements in the state. The reason is that any success in weakening the Left in Bengal would amount to weakening the struggle of the toiling masses all over the country. But if this heinous attempt succeeds by any chance, the hard earned rights of the toiling masses will be snatched away in no time.


Severely criticising the Congress for its double standard on terrorism, Manik Sarkar said the prime minister said the Maoists are the greatest threat to our internal security but in Tripura the Congress is very much in alliance with the INPT, the frontal organisation of the terrorists here. In  West Bengal, the Maoists are unleashing terror and violence and the Trinamul Congress is lending them support but the prime minister is running a government wherein the same Trinamul Congress is a partner. What kind of patriotism is the prime minister preaching, asked Sarkar.


On the same day, Agartala, the state capital, witnessed a huge gathering of masses in a solidarity rally. Addressing the spirited gathering, CPI(M) Central Committee member and West Bengal housing minister Gautam Deb said despite the tremendous attacks the people of West Bengal have not given in. Our comrades are being murdered, but the wives of the slain comrades are keeping the red flag high. We shall have to win the next assembly election not for the sake of Bengal alone but to carry forward the struggle of the toiling masses all over India. CPI(M) Tripura state secretariat member Gautam Das also spoke in the meeting.


On the 14th, at a rally in Bishalgarh, West Bengal minister for SHG and self-employment, Rekha Goswami, warned the Congress against allying with the terrorist groups. The Congress should take a lesson from what happened to Mrs Indira Gandhi and later to Rajiv Gandhi. She also elaborated on the achievements and pro-people measures of the Left Front government in West Bengal.


Along with Tripura Left Front Committee’s convenor Khagen Das, Goswami addressed a mass meeting in Kamalpur too.


CPI(M) Central Committee member Shyamali Gupta spoke in a rally at Dharmanagar. Central Committee member and member of parliament, Bajuban Reang, spoke in a rally at Manughat.


Addressing two meetings --- at Gandachheraa and Raisyabari on the 14th, CPI(M) state committee secretary Bijon Dhar said the concerted attack on the Left in West Bengal is aimed at weakening the struggle against neo-liberalism and imperialism. Time and again, we have resisted these attacks as we have always taken the masses with us. Therefore we can well hope that the masses of Bengal shall give the enemies a fitting rebuff. Tripura shall always stand in solidarity with the masses of Bengal, he assured.


Speaking at a gathering in Sonamurra, West Bengal minister for land and land revenue, Rezzak Mollah, said the conspiracy to assassinate democracy in West Bengal is a dangerous sign for the whole country. Here Bijon Dhar said the attack on the Left in Bengal would not remain confined to that state alone. It is a struggle where the working class, other toiling masses and the forces stranding for social equality and justice are pitted against an alliance of all the reactionary elements.


Addressing another gathering on the 18th in Kumarghat, CPI(M) West Bengal state committee member Amiya Patro said the poor masses have not deserted us. The assiduously and carefully cultivated myth about the Trinamul Congress is now fading away. Disillusioned with it, the people are again coming back to us; resistance has started.


In all these meetings, the fighting spirit of the masses was a testimony to the love and solidarity of the people of Tripura for the Left in West Bengal.


The campaign programme will conclude on September 29 with a mass meeting at Khowai. This will be addressed by the CPI(M)’s West Bengal state secretary Biman Basu  and the party’s Central Committee member Aghor Debbarma.