People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 38

September 19, 2010

'Maoist'-TMC Goons Kill

Five More CPI(M) Supporters


THE ruthless 'Maoist'-Trinamul killers have struck yet again in West Medinipur district killing five poor agricultural labourers belonging to dalit Dome community in the early hours of 13 September   2010. Around 30 of these barbarians crossed over from the jungles bordering Orissa state into Nichu Patina village in Nayagram block in Jhargram sub-division of the district and brutally killed four brothers in one family and another person at around 2 a.m. These killings occurred in the midst of growing people's resistance in the district against 'Maoist' depredations that has resulted in many villages being freed from the clutches of these goons during the past few weeks. The killings also marked the beginning of the two-day bandh call given by these killers in areas of their presence from 13 September.


The crime of Amrit Agwan (46 yrs), or the four brothers Rahim Agwan (43), Samaresh Agwan (38), Sapan Agwan (35), and Prasanta Agwan (27), all poor dalit agricultural labourers, to invite such brutal end has been the fact that they are supporters and workers of the CPI(M). The killers knocked down the doors of the victims homes and barged inside. Even as the terrified women folk and children, among whom included the 84 year old mother of the four brothers, watched in horror, the killers broke the limbs of the brothers. They then cold-bloodedly shot the four with 9 mm pistols from close range resulting in instantaneous deaths. The 84 year old mother was also injured while trying to protect her sons. The murder of Amrit Agwan was also equally brutal. The five dead bodies were taken by the police to the Jhargram divisional hospital where post-mortem was conducted. The bodies have been kept there at the time of filing this report.


Meanwhile, people in the adjoining villages of Patina took out processions condemning these killings. Hundreds of people in Tukuria and Sikarpur villages marched raising slogans against 'Maoist'-TMC combine's barbarism. Six of these villagers returning from the processions to their homes were waylaid by Trinamool goons and beaten up, resulting in injuries.


It is clear that the cowardly goons of this anarchic combine are letting loose their terror on the most downtrodden sections of the people in newer areas in the fond hope of weakening the CPI(M). These ignorant beasts do not seem to be learning from the drubbing they have received from these sections in the so-called liberated areas, which they are hastily abandoning. The patience of the common people in these areas, as far as tolerating the mindless violence is concerned, is indeed running thin. Coupled with this is the fact that instead of being intimidated, many more are filling the void left behind by the martyrs and carrying on the struggle for peace in a resolute manner.