People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 35

August 29, 2010


Broiler Chicken Growers Hold

Huge Rally in Chennai


A HUGE rally of broiler chicken growers was held in Chennai on August  24 demanding implementation of their 10-point charter of demands including wage rise. Thousands of peasants who are engaged in this profession throughout   Tamilnadu  took part in this agitation that was held on behalf of Tamilnadu Broiler Chicken Growers Association.


The demands raised in the rally included a charge of Rs 10  per kilo for growing every broiler chicken, Rs 5 as bonus for the same along with eight other demands.  The rally was inaugurated by K Balakrishnan, President, Tamilnadu  Vivasayigal  Sangam (AIKS).


K Varadharajan, General Secretary, All India Kisan Sabha,  in his concluding speech questioned how it was proper to pay the same  rate for chicken growers for the last 20 years when the same period has witnessed enormous price increase  in all areas.


He said the Government of India has gone ahead to increase the salary of the members of Parliament to Rs.60000/- per month, despite severe objections from the Left parties. He wondered how the just demands of these broiler growers for a   mere Rs 10 only per kilo could be denied.  He added that since this problem existed in states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and others, similar agitation was essential at this junctrure throughout the country. He also called for an agitation demanding waiver of loans got from the nationalised banks. He stressed the need for unifying all sections in this field immediately


K Balakrishnan demanded  as the  loans given to the peasants from the Cooperative Banks were waived, all loans given to the broiler chicken farms by the nationalised banks should also be waived. He also demanded that the Govt. of Tamilnadu should invite and negotiate with this formers. Otherwise there will be no alternative but to go on strike, he warned.


P Shanmugam general secretary of Tamilnadu Vivasayigal sangam (AIKS) narrated that in Tamil Nadu two lakhs of farmers were engaged in this profession, and these farmers were being exploited as bonded labourers.


He added the farms selling chicks and their sellers were selling at the rate of Rs. 180  per kilo for chicken.


They earn a profit of Rs 70 and odd per kilo.  This formers work for 45 long days to grow the chicken and get only Rs 2.00 per kilo for last 20 years. He demanded the intervention of the Govt. of Tamilnadu on this problem, and take  steps to ensure  adequate wages for these farmers immediately.


G Latha, MLA, in her presidential address demanded for free electricity to these broiler chicken farms, establishment of a welfare board  for the benefit of all those who work in the farms, medical insurance and all other Govt. schemes including farm insurance.


She also added that there should be a tripartite body including Tamilnadu Govt, chicks’ farms, and the union representatives and they should provide for increasing wages each year matching  the level of increasing prices.


A C Ramamurthy, K Chinnasamy, A Naggappan, M Senthil Kumar and other office bearers of the association also participated  


Earlier a huge procession was taken out from the Rajarathinam stadium at Chennai in which thousands of broiler chicken farmers took part enthusiastically.