People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 35

August 29, 2010




Stop Anarchism in Name of Maoism


Subir Banarjee


AS a revolutionary youth organisation, the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) is duty bound to fight against the anarchists who are posing a terrible threat to democracy as well as the internal security of the country. Maoists not only propagate a wrong word-view; they are also playing in the hands of the ruling establishment.


So said CPI(M) Polit Bureau member, Sitaram Yachury, while speaking as the chief guest  inaugurating the DYFI’s all-India convention on “Stop Anarchism in the Name of Maoism,” held at Malvankar Hall, New Delhi on August 20. He explained how the ideological bankruptcy of the Maoists is primarily indicated, in the first place, by the very choice of the term Maoism. As we know, Mao Ze-Dong never propagated a separate doctrine. Mao is rather hailed as a great revolutionary who implemented the Marxist-Leninist principles in the Chinese conditions in a pragmatic and innovative way, keeping constantly in the mind the concrete historical situation in China. In the name of Mao, the Maoists in India have deviated from the path shown by him. Mao Ze-Dong was clear that revolutions could never the exported. But the Maoists in India are making an attempt to imitate the so-called Chinese model here and have adopted the guerrilla warfare as their sole strategy for a revolutionary transformation in India. Yechury said the Maoist standpoint is an outcome of their flawed understanding of the class character of Indian state. The Indian Maoists see the Indian bourgeoisie as mere puppets of imperialism and underestimate their own role in causing deprivation and pauperisation of the common people. This incorrect theoretical analysis proves that they have not at all taken lessons from either the Marxist-Leninist doctrine or the world history.


The CPI(M) leader lashed out at the prime minister also, saying his August 15 speech reflected his insensitivity to the issues that are troubling the common man. It also pointed out that while speaking of the Maoist menace, he remained silent on the railway minister Ms Mamata Banerjee’s support to the Maoists. He urged the delegates to fight against the Maoist anarchism as well as the neo-liberal economic policies, and to propagate and enrich the socialist ideology.


Another speaker was the CPI(M)’s West Bengal state secretariat member and West Medinipur district secretary, Deepk Sarkar. He explained how Maoists are resorting to barbarous violence, killing the leaders and supporters of the democratic movements in the name of Maoism. They are destroying the CPI(M)’s party offices, panchayat offices, party leaders’ and supporters’ houses. If one glances at the list of victims of Maoist violence, one will not find a single capitalist, a single feudal lord or moneylender. It is the poor and the marginalised who are bearing the brunt of Maoist atrocities. In the name of annihilating the “class enemies,” Maoists are actually killing people from the lower strata of society. Within one year, they have murdered 43 tribals. They are unwilling to acknowledge any differences between Left-led state governments and those run by the right wing parties. This actually amounts to serving the interest of the ruling elite who run the propaganda campaign that the Maoists are inhabiting the jungles and tribal dominated areas solely because of their commitment to the tribal people. He also said that forces like Trinamul Congress, which have good rapport with the Maoists, do not want any operations against the red ultras. Sarkar asked: “Why did not the railway minister use the platform of the Lok Sabha to express her sympathy with the Maoists? Why did not she express her desire to negotiate with the Maoists on behalf of the central government?” He welcomed the DYFI’s pledge to fight the Maoist barbarism.


DYFI general secretary Tapas Sinha introduced the resolution on “Stop Anarchism in the Name of Maoism” to the delegates.


This all-India convention of the DYFI saluted the 260 martyrs who have been killed by the anti- Left forces in various part of West Bengal since the last Lok Sabha elections. They have fallen victim to the depredations of the Maoists, the Trinamul Congress and the Congress party. The convention dipped its banner in memory of the martyrs and gifted its flag to the families of five of the martyrs.


CPI(M) Central Secretariat member Hannan Mullah and journalist Vankaya Ramakrishanan   also addressed the convention.