People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 33

August 15, 2010

CPI(M) to Build Strong Resistance

against Neo-Liberal Policies


The CPI(M) will, in the coming days, step up its opposition to neo-liberal policies by mobilising the working class and other toiling sections on issues of their livelihood. It will take up their issues and build strong resistance to the anti-people policies. There will also be nationwide campaign from September 12 to 18 defending the Left Front in Bengal and exposing the reactionary gang up's violence against the Left.


This was announced by the CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat at a media conference immediately after the conclusion of the extended meeting of the Central Committee on August 10.  He said the draft political resolution has been adopted by the meeting after thorough discussion. The main formulations and direction of the political tactical line as outlined in the draft resolution have been endorsed. Only some minor changes involving correcting some facts and updating some other were incorporated.


While fighting the Congress and its ruinous policies, the Party will continue to combat the communal politics of the BJP. It will try to isolate and defeat BJP in view of what is happening in the BJP-ruled states of Gujarat, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, he said.


The resolution has also stressed the need to increase the independent strength and identity of the Party. Noting that there has not been sufficient growth of the Party, it has called for redoubling of our efforts to expand the Party by going to the people. It has also called for strengthening of Left unity and widening it by bringing in other sections of the Left.


The Party will also take up social issues, particularly relating to social oppression of dalits. The issues relating to dalits, tribals, minorities, women. But these will be unlike other bourgeois parties who mobilise people on caste and religion basis.





On the review report, which was one part of the draft political resolution, Karat told the media that the review has fully endorsed the stand of withdrawal of support to the UPA government. It was considered necessary. However, it also concluded that the Party should not have allowed the government to go to IAEA. He said that it meant that the support should have been withdrawn much earlier.


On the electoral tactics, the Party should have tried to rally the non-UPA and non-NDA parties and build an effective all India political alternative.


On the issues of land and land acquisition in particular, it was felt that the Nandigram episode, where no land was actually acquired, has caused damage to the reputation of Party.  Whether it is for SEZs, corporate mining, or any other where land is being forcibly acquired the Party will take up the issues seriously and stand with the people.  In this connection Karat demanded that the 1894 Land Acquisition Act must be scrapped and new legislation introduced in its place which would not allow the government to acquire land without the consent of the people and provide for proper  compensation and rehabilitation.


Answering questions, he said that although the emphasis would be on Party's own independent activity, it will cooperate and maintain relations with parties like TDP and others on issues concerning people.