People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 32

August 08, 2010

Vijayawada Gets Ready To Host

Crucial CPI(M) Meeting


VIJAYAWADA is all set to host the crucial meeting of the extended Central Committee of the CPI(M) from August 7-10. This meeting will chalk out a political-tactical line for the Party in view of the changed political situation in the country. Around 378 delegates are attending the three day meet which would culminate with a huge public meeting on August 10. The entire top leadership of the Party from across the country, including the three chief ministers of Bengal, Kerala and Tripura would be attending the meetings. Campaign jathas, meetings are being held across the state of Andhra Pradesh propagating the meeting and mobilising the people for the public rally.


Normally, the political-tactical line adopted by the Party Congress is reviewed in the next Congress. But, for two important reasons, an exception is being made in the present case. One, the coming Party Congress, which is due next year i.e. 2011, is being postponed by one year in view of the elections to the state assemblies of Bengal and Kerala. Two, there is a marked change in the political situation in the country with the Left no longer supporting the UPA regime and there is concerted attack to weaken the Left, particularly in its stronghold of Bengal.


In such a situation, the Party is reviewing the political-tactical line adopted at Coimbatore Congress and chalking out a line for meeting current situation. The Central Committee itself is empowered to do so, but given the crucial change that occurred in the political situation, an extended meeting has been called to ensure wider participation and deliberation in chalking out the line. The meeting would also discuss the various burning issues concerning the masses and on the struggles to be launched against the ruinous policies of the UPA-II regime.




Vijayawada is getting ready to welcome all the Central Committee members and the delegates for the extended meeting of the Central Committee to be held from August 7 – 10.  All the main streets and avenues of the city are decorated with red festoons.  The venue of the meeting, Tummalapalli Kala Kshetram will be decorated with the portraits of all eminent leaders of the CPI(M).  30 huge cut-outs were placed in the important junctions of the city with attractive slogans.  Hundreds of volunteers are working round the clock to ensure that the meetings will be held smoothly. 


Intensive and extensive campaign is carried out not only in the city of Vijayawada  but also in the entire state.  Lakhs of leaflets exposing the anti people policies of both the state and central governments together with the alternatives proposed by the Party are being distributed.  Booklets explaining in detail the stand of CPI(M) on various issues are also distributed.  Many seminars and study circles are organised.  Two huge meetings in which Polit Bureau members Sitaram Yechury and B V Raghavulu were held whose reports were carried in the earlier issues.  Jeep jathas are organised exhorting the people to support the CPI(M)  and contribute to the success of this meeting. 


Cycle rallies, motor cycle rallies and marches of red shirt volunteers were held in Vijayawada.  The Praja Natya Mandali is organising a four day peoples’ cultural festival on the sidelines of these meetings.  They are also campaigning extensively appealing the people to come in huge numbers and make success the public meeting to be held on August 10.


The reception committee is working hard to ensure the success of this meeting. Various sub committees are formed for this purpose. State secretariat members and many state committee members are guiding these subcommittees in their endeavours.   (INN)