People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 31

August 01, 2010


SFI Condemns Police Brutality on Students in Patna


The central executive committee of the Studentsí Federation of India issued the following statement on July 26


THE central executive committee of the Studentsí Federation of India strongly condemns the police brutalities on the students who were on strike for democratic rights in Patna University. The university administration and the Nitish Kumar government should take the entire responsibility for the inhuman acts of the police because it is at the behest of the state government that the police are acting. This once again exposes the disregard of democratic norms by the Bihar government.


Students of the Patna University are agitating against the university administration for the past two weeks to force them to conduct the students union election, but the university administration and the state government did not care to even talk with the students leave alone address their grievances.


The students have resorted to rasta roko after a series of the attempts to make the government heed their demands have failed. Instead of resolving the issue the government wanted to suppress the agitation through force and has unleashed its police force on the innocent students who were rightfully protesting. The police fired in the air and mercilessly beat them. They have detained many of the student leaders including Naresh, a CEC member of SFI from the state hoping to break their resolve. The police have arrested many non teaching staff of the university who joined the protest in solidarity. 


The CEC of SFI demands the government to punish the officials responsible for the police highhandedness and also conduct studentsí union elections with out delay. The police should immediately release all the people who are detained.