People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 31

August 01, 2010


AIAWU's Nationwide

Campaign in October


The AIAWU will undertake a two month long nationwide campaign mobilising the agricultural workers on their demands. This campaign will culminate in a massive March to Parliament during the coming winter session of the Parliament.


This was announced by the newly re-elected general secretary of the organisation, A Vijayraghavan at a press conference on July 19. The campaign would involve padayatras, cycle jathas, village level meetings, door-to-door visits etc popularising the demands and seeking the participation of the workers in the movement. Around 5 lakh people will be participating in this campaign.


The AIAWU leader bitterly attacked the Manmohan Singh government for being so callous to the hardships of the common people. “Never before in the history of the country have we seen such an irresponsible government. They have no plan or programme to curtail the galloping price rise. They are only bothered about sending right signals to the stock market”, he said. The government was denying the poor person the right to livelihood.


He also announced that the AIAWU will be supporting the all India industrial strike against government policies on September 7, called by the central trade unions, including INTUC. There will be solidarity actions by the AIAWU across the country on that day.


AIAWU joint secretary Hannan Mollah said that innocent tribal people are suffering in the crossfire between the 'Maoists' and police forces. He attacked the 'Maoists' as degenerated adventurists who were helping the ruling classes by their policy preference of individual annihilation rather than mass mobilisation. Another joint secretary Suneet Chopra and vice president Thiruvanakkarsu also participated in the press conference.