People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 30

July 25, 2010

New Leadership of AIAWU

Elected Unanimously


The 7th all India conference of AIAWU unanimously elected a 111 member new General Council to guide its activities for the coming period of three years. Of these two have been kept vacant to be filled later.


The newly elected General Council met for a brief while and elected a 41-member Central Working Committee and from among them 10 office bearers. Earlier, the conference unanimously passed an amendment to the constitution of the organisation to enable election of five vice presidents in place of the earlier limit of two.


The newly elected office bearers are:


Paturi Ramaiah (Centre)                           President

Bhanulal Saha        (Tripura)                        Vice President

Sarangdhar Paswan (Bihar)                           Vice President

M V Govindan Master (Kerala)           Vice President

B Venkat (AP)                                    Vice President

S Thirunavukkrasu (TN)                     Vice President

A Vijayaraghavan (Centre)                       General Secretary

Suneet Chopra (Centre)                      Joint Secretary

Hannan Mollah (Centre)                      Joint Secretary

Kumar Shiralkar (Centre)                    Joint Secretary