People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 30

July 25, 2010



CPI(M) Organises  Seminar

Exposing The Real Face Of Maoists


Dusmanta Kumar Das


FOR a revolution, the task of prime importance is to identify who is your friend and who is your foe. But in our country neither the erstwhile Naxalite movement nor the present day Maoist movement has ever taken the pain of analysing the Indian situation and draw the necessary conclusions. The Maoists who swear by the name of Mao Zedong, a great revolutionary, have completely forgotten Mao’s thoughts and guidance whose main theme was: “Never forget the class struggle.”

This was the opinion expressed by Ajijul Haq, a Naxalite leader of yesteryears and a columnist today. Participating in a seminar on “Expose the Real Face of Maoists” at Bhubaneswar on July 15, organised by the CPI(M)’s Orissa state committee, he told that the whole strategy of the so-called Maoists was based on MMG ---  Man, Money and Gun. Their cadres have been told that by arranging money, either by theft or loot, they can purchase guns and ammunition, and hand them over to the (lumpen) youth who then threaten the people and force them to come to their side in a bid to capture the state power. They utilise the countryside forests as their defence. In the process they do not hesitate to kill a child of 8 years or a youth of 18 years or an old woman of 80 years while the big capitalists and imperialists have a heyday by paying them regularly.

Making a scathing attack on imperialist media, Ajijul Haq said every attempt is now being made to revive the reactionary ideologies. In imperialist media, even the fascist Hitler is being projected as a hero while Lenin and Mao are being projected as demons. However, Maoists have come to play in the hands of same imperialist forces, and have become the pawns in the imperialist game of attacking the Left parties of our country. As the gist, he said, “Maoists are left in words but right in deeds.” But while criticising the wrong path of Maoists, he said that no gun can finish any ideology and hence the Maoists need to be fought ideologically. Regarding the CPI(M), he said it has valiantly fought against left adventurism since the days of naxalism and is still ideologically fighting against the Maoists and their bankrupt policy.

Initiating the seminar, the CPI(M)’s Orissa state committee secretary Janardan Pati said the Maoist deviation is not new for the Indian communist movement, nor for the world, as the  Communist Parties in various countries have suffered such ultra-left deviations. He said that the CPI (Moist) which was formed by the merger of the CPI(ML) (People’s War Group) and the MCCI (the effort started in 1981 and completed in 2004) have many wrong formulations which are far away from the Indian reality. Their programmatic understanding is that India is still  not independent, the British have hijacked the present day bourgeois parliamentary system, there is no difference between the BJP or Congress led state governments and the CPI(M) led Left governments in Bengal, Tripura and Kerala. The Maoists believe India’s foreign policy is being decided by foreigners since 1947, and that the CPI(M) and CPI are main enemies of the Indian revolution. They think the socialist Soviet Union and People’s China became social imperialists states after the death of Stalin and Mao respectively. The Maoists even support the terrorist organisation of Jammu & Kashmir, and consider the secessionist ULFA, GNLF and other secessionist forces of Nagaland and Manipur as their friends. They do not feel the need to organise the workers, peasants, students or youth. They never raise any concrete demand of the peasants, adivasis or dalits. They advocate a guerrilla war without considering the concrete conditions of India and its people. They forget the simple thing that a revolutionary situation can never be created artificially.

Because of their wrong formulation and understanding, the Maoists are attacking the CPI(M) and other Left forces who are fighting against the wrong policy of the government which is responsible for all the misery of the people. In the process, they thus help the imperialists only. It is thus that they are now in the anti-Left bandwagon of a “Mahajot” in West Bengal, led by the Trinamul Congress, which is nothing but an anti-communist platform created by imperialist camp led by the USA. However, the Maoists are to be fought ideologically and politically and for this purpose the people must be mobilised.

Participating in the seminar, CPI(M) Central Committee member and West Bengal minister Surjyakanta Mishra said the Maoists are to be judged by their deeds, not by their declarations. They mercilessly kill the poor, children, workers, doctors and nurses while the big capitalists and MNCs move scot-free in the areas where the Maoists are operating. The Maoists consider the CPI(M) as their main enemy on the ground that the CPI(M) is working within a bourgeois parliamentary system. They fail to recognise the role of finance capital and imperialism in making and unmaking the political system in various countries, and have fallen prey to the imperialist machinations in the process. In Orissa, they killed Laxmanananda Saraswati but failed to provide protection to innocent tribals and dalits when the RSS-VHP goons attacked the latter.

Referring to the situation in West Bengal, Mishra told that if the Left Front is in power in West Bengal for the last 33 years, it is not because of anybody’s grace, but because of the people’s support and sacrifices. On its part, the Left Front too tries to remain with the masses and move with the masses. Ultimately, it is the mass of the working people, led by the working class party, who bring about a socio-political revolution.

CPI(M) state secretariat member Santosh Das presided  over the seminar while another secretariat member, Jagananth Mishra, made the introductory speech.