People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 21

May 23, 2010

Left to Intensify Stir on Price Rise


After having a meeting in New Delhi on May 15, the Left parties, viz the CPI(M), CPI, RSP and AIFB, issued the following statement.


Food Security,

Anti-Price Rise


THE Left parties took stock of the ongoing movement against price rise and related issues. They decided to hold a national convention on price rise, food security and connected issues in the beginning of July, from where the future course of action will be announced.


Posco Struggle:

Stop Use of Force

The Left parties condemned the firing and the resort to force by the armed police against thousands of men and women who were resisting and blocking the predatory moves of Posco to take over large tracts of fertile land in Jagatsingpur-Paradeep area of Orissa.


Today, more that 40 platoons of armed forces were mobilised. They moved down to the Posco site and confronted the thousands of men and women who have been sitting on dharna for the last several months. The armed police resorted to tear gas, lathi charge and fired with rubber bullets in order to disperse the protesters who have now retreated to the villages. This has caused injuries to more than a hundred, including 60 women. The CPI MP of Jagatsingpur was taken into custody the previous night. State CPI and CPI(M) leaders were present on the spot when the firing took place. Canards are being spread by the government that some of the protesters threw bombs. This is a total falsehood.


The people were also protesting against the Posco’s move to have a captive port alongside the existing Paradeep port, which will have an adverse impact on the Paradeep port. Posco is also proposing to have captive iron ore mines instead of purchasing ore from the Orissa Mining Corporation. The proposal of Posco to draw water from the Mahanadi Barrage will seriously affect the irrigation system and also damage the ecological balance in the region. Ignoring all these concerns the centre and the state governments have been backing Posco in their efforts.


The Left parties demanded that the state government stop the use of force against the agitators.


Maoist Killings

in West Bengal


The Left parties strongly condemned the killing of four CPI(M) workers, all of them agricultural labourers, in the West Midnapore district and one activist in Purulia district of West Bengal by the Maoists. It calls upon all democratic forces to condemn such violence.


Signatories to the statement were Prakash Karat (CPI-M), A B Bardhan (CPI), Debabrata Biswas (AIFB) and Abani Roy (RSP).