People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 18

May 02, 2010



Recovery of Bombs Exposes RSS-BJP Combine


P Sasi


THE RSS-BJP combine in Kerala, currently facing a severe political crisis, is trying to divert public attention from it through planned moves. Some recent incidents in Kannur district of Kerala show that, as in the past, the RSS-BJP combine has once again chosen Kannur for its abominable game plan.

It was the election of a new state president of the BJP that triggered the crisis in the party. But a panicked leadership is spitting scandalous lies against the CPI(M) so as to cover up its own crisis.   

At the same time, the RSS-BJP combine was once again exposed after steel bombs were recovered from inside the tomb of a BJP worker in a panchayat owned public crematorium at Muzhappilangad beach, near Kannur town. The BJP leadership then cooked up a crooked plot to broadcast their rhetoric of �CPI(M) violence� in Kannur. They began to circulate fictitious, and ridiculous, episodes for the purpose so as to prevent the true face of the party from being unmasked once again. To recover the bombs, the police had had to demolish the said tomb. Immediately after that, the RSS got the tomb reconstructed but a few hours later, in order to divert attention from the dreadful episode, they got the same reconstructed tomb damaged and began to blame the CPI(M) for it. This they must have thought to be necessary, as all sections of the society were horrified and angered over the discovery that the RSS could hide bombs even inside a tomb, and the people were widely condemning it. While the common practice is that people respect their dead, in Kannur the RSS is using even graves for its politics of hatred. There is, however, nothing surprising in it. In the past, the RSS had been unhesitatingly hiding bombs in houses and temple areas.

The RSS-BJP leadership is also shamefully propagating the lie that CPI(M) workers had hurled bombs against their state president and subsequently instigated violence in the district.

The recovery of these bombs also indicated that the RSS had been planning for a massacre of the people. While the RSS always inculcates among its cadre a sense of animosity and hatred against certain groups, since the Malegaon and other exposures it is now becoming increasingly clear that this vicious, bloodthirsty organisation is also a terrorist outfit killing innocent people.

In Kannur itself, several instances have come to light in which sacks of bombs were discovered in RSS centres, houses and temples. It was not very long ago when two RSS men were killed in an accidental blast while making bombs in a temple in Patyam panchayat. But in order to divert pubic attention, the RSS leadership shamelessly depicted even this incident as a CPI(M) handiwork. 

However, the people have always rejected all such attempts of the RSS-BJP leadership, made with the help of the rightwing media. The same leadership that shouted hoarse that it was the CPI(M) violence which had damaged the reconstructed tomb, did not even think it necessary to lodge a complaint in this regard. The whole episode has further alienated the RSS-BJP combine and their leadership is now cooking up false stories to get away from humiliation.  

The story of a bomb attack against the BJP state president was fashioned with this very aim. The rightwing visual media, without much ado, indulged in �breaking (the) news� that Marxists had attacked the BJP leader with bombs. The gentleman had lodged a complaint in this regard, saying that bombs were hurled on his car near the toll-gate at Muzhapilangad when he was on his way to Thalassery. The media organisations were also informed. But the police did not find any sign of a bomb blast after it rushed to the spot and conducted a thorough investigation. After a detailed enquiry, however, the police did find evidence of crackers in a nearby bus shelter. The final conclusion was that the BJP leader had in fact misreported the sound of crackers as a bomb blast! It is a fact that these days people are widely using crackers because it is a festival season (Vishu). In the face of all these vivid facts, the BJP leadership had had no guts to deny the truth. Though the party called for protest demonstrations in the state, no one came forward anywhere in their �militant� protest. All the channels that indulged in �breaking (the) news� of the bomb attack, had to swallow their lie. In such an embarrassing situation, the RSS-BJP leadership finally disappeared from the scene. Yet, the people still anticipate more such designs from the RSS-BJP combine as a diversionary tactic.

P Sasi is secretary of the CPI(M)�s Kannur district committee in Kerala.