People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 16

April 18, 2010

TUs to Stage Further Actions


REPRESENTATIVES of nine central trade unions, viz the CITU, BMS, INTUC, AITUC, HMS, AIUTUC, TUCC, AICCTU and UTUC, met on April 13 under the chairmanship of INTUC president Dr G Sanjeeva Reddy, MP, and reviewed the joint action programme including the countrywide satyagraha and Jail Bharo programme on March 5. More than 10 lakh workers participated in the programme that was a great success.

The trade unions expressed deep concern over the unrelenting price rise and the government�s total inaction to mitigate the sufferings of the common people, particularly the unorganised labour. The trade unions firmly protested against the increase in petroleum products prices due to levying of additional taxes. This is exactly a step that has further inflamed the food prices.

The trade unions noted with concern the unmitigated violation of labour laws, uninterrupted job losses, continuous disinvestment of government equity in public sector units. The trade union registration depends upon the sweet will of the managements and the government machinery.  This is a totally unacceptable situation, more so because the government has not taken any single step whatsoever to look into the problems of distressed working masses.

United action is, therefore, the only remedy to halt price rise, curb the criminality of corporates against the working class and bring the government to its senses.

The central trade unions welcomed and supported the decision of telecom workers to go on an indefinite strike from April 20, protesting against disinvestment of public sector telecom industry. They also extended full support to the three day strike of coal workers on May 5-7 against privatisation and contractisation, and said more such sectoral actions must be organised.

The central trade union organisations called upon the public sector trade unions, irrespective of affiliations, to unite and hold massive joint protest demonstrations in all the PSUs against disinvestment and contractisation during the period of BSNL and coal strikes and send telegrams to the prime minister.

The central trade unions called upon the working people of the country to prepare for a massive industrial action including a strike. Having this perspective in view, the central trade unions have decided to convene a National Convention of Trade Unions in July 2010 at New Delhi. They have urged their state constituents and federations to participate fully in the joint action programmes.