People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 10

March 07, 2010


Refrain From Violence: Haryana CPI(M)


IN a statement issued from Rohtak on August 28, the Haryana state committee of the CPI(M) has expressed its sense of anguish over the incidents of arson and violence that took place at several places in Haryana and Punjab a day before, and described them as unfortunate. This violence was perpetrated allegedly by the followers of a Sirsa based Dera.

According to the press note issued by the state CPI(M) secretary, Inderjit Singh, such acts of violence could never be justified under the pretext of any religious faith. The party has appealed to the followers of the Dera to let the Dera chief face the due process of law and prove his innocence, rather than taking recourse to acts of violence. As a matter of fact, the said Dera chief is at present facing serious criminal charges including murder and sexual exploitation, and is undergoing a trial in the CBI designated court at Ambala under these charges.

According to the CPI(M), there appears to be no political vendetta behind the charges framed by the CBI, as in successive elections in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan this particular Dera has all along been issuing directions to its followers to vote for the Congress party --- the party that has been in power at the centre for the last six years.

In the meantime, yet another charge relating to the murder of former Dera manager, Faqir Chand, was filed against five persons related to the Dera, including the Dera chief himself. Faqir Chand had been mysteriously missing for a few years and it was at the instance of the High Court that the CBI conducted an inquiry which found him murdered. This was what provoked the followers of the sect and they allegedly took to burning the buses, railway wagons and other public properties on February 27 evening.

The CPI(M) has appealed to all communities and prominent citizens to see that no one is able to disturb the social harmony in the region.