People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 04

January 24, 2010

Condolence Messages


From Indian Workers Association (Great Britain), Association of Indian Communists, (Great Britain), Association of Indian Women (Great Britain)

THE Indian community in Great Britain mourns the passing away of the beloved leader of the people of India, the former chief minister of West Bengal and founding member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Comrade Jyoti Basu.

Jyoti Basu was born on July 8, 1914, studied law in London from 1934 to 1939 and returned to India to participate in the freedom struggle. He was elected to the Bengal state legislative assembly in 1946. He became the deputy chief minister in the sixties and chief minister in 1977. He held this post uninterrupted for 23 years before stepping down in November 2000. The administration and coalition established under his and Comrade Pramod Dasgupta’s leadership continues to serve the people of West Bengal even today.

His immense contribution to the Left and democratic movement and to the strengthening the federal structure of India by championing the centre-state relations through an involvement of all the chief ministers will be a part of his immeasurable legacy. Jyoti Basu was truly a statesman without parallel.

Comrade Basu led by example and became a pillar for democracy; he challenged the extremes of Left adventurism and the fascistic communalism on the right. His courage and conviction in trusting the people were perhaps best illustrated when he personally went on to the streets and neighbourhoods of Calcutta to protect the Sikhs and other minorities from the attacks following the Indian prime minister Mrs Indira Gandhi’s assassination in New Delhi in October 1984.

Comrade Jyoti Basu visited Britain many times and addressed rallies and public meetings organised by the IWA.

In dipping our scarlet banner, we pay our humble respects to this giant of India’s progressive, democratic history and pass on our condolences to his family, the CPI(M) and the people of India.


From Bangladesh Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO)

ON behalf of the Bangladesh Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO), we convey our heartfelt condolence on the demise of Comrade Jyoti Basu, a legendary leader of the progressive and communist movement of India and the subcontinent.

Comrade Jyoti Basu dedicated his entire life to the people’s struggle against colonialism, imperialism, capitalist exploitation and communalism, and for democracy, peace and progress. The Bangladesh AAPSO remembers his tremendous contribution in building communal harmony following the heinous incident of the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992.

The Bangladesh Afro-Asian People Solidarity Organisation recalls with pride his activities in building peace, harmony and tolerance in India and in this whole region as well. Comrade Jyoti Basu became a symbol of the Left, democratic and secular forces not only in India but also in all the South Asian countries.

As a true internationalist, Comrade Jyoti Basu played a significant role in the process of water sharing agreement between Bangladesh and India. He took a positive initiative for mutual friendship and cooperation between our two countries. The people of Bangladesh will always remember Comrade Jyoti Basu with great respect for the positive feelings he had for our country and people.

We pay our revolutionary red salute to Comrade Jyoti Basu who will continue to live amongst us in our struggle for peace, freedom and progress.

We also extend our deep sympathy to his bereaved family, friends, comrades and his beloved party.


From Indo-Canadian Workers Association of Canada

ALL members of the Indo-Canadian Workers Association of Canada are deeply saddened over the passing away of our beloved Comrade Jyoti Basu and express their heartfelt condolences to his party and his family members. Comrade Jyoti Basu will remain in our hearts forever.