People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 51

December 20, 2009

CPI(M)Greets Special Congress of SACP


The following is the text of the greetings from the Communist Party of India (Marxist) to the Special Congress of the South African Communist Party  held on December 10, 2009


DEAR Comrades,

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) conveys its warm fraternal greetings to all the delegates attending the Second Special Congress of the South African Communist Party and through them to the entire membership of the South African Communist Party.


The Special Congress of SACP is being held at a very crucial time. The entire world is reeling under the affects of the most severe capitalist crisis in the recent decades. Unemployment is increasing, as many industries are closing. Job losses, worldwide, have further intensified income inequalities and poverty levels. The capitalist greed for profits has not only endangered livelihoods but is also threatening the very survival of life on planet Earth. Our struggle thus is not confined just to achieve some economic concessions but also save Mother Earth.

Everybody is eagerly waiting for the outcome of the Copenhagen summit on climate change.


The crisis itself is a direct consequence of capitalism and imperialism and thus we cannot expect it to offer a real solution to either the present crisis or to the issue of climate change. This crisis, as Marx has explained, is inherent to the dynamics of the capitalist system that is based on human exploitation. No amount of tinkering with the system would save it from its ultimate demise. All the efforts carried out by capitalist governments across the world may only postpone this eventuality but can never prevent it. The real alternative to this crisis ridden system is socialism and this can be achieved through the struggles of the working class led by the vanguard communist parties.


Imperialism, is trying to come out of this crisis by shifting its responsibility and placing more burdens onto the shoulders of the working class and the people of the third world countries. This is reflected in the ongoing negotiations on the climate change and also in the Doha round of trade talks through which it is trying to prise open the markets of the third world countries to dump its agricultural goods. These attacks can be resisted only by mobilising large numbers of working people in the respective countries and also by developing South-South cooperation.


The government of our country is increasingly succumbing to the pressures of the US administration and has entered into a nuclear and also a strategic defence deal with the US. The government is also changing its stance on the carbon emissions, Doha trade talks to suit the interests of the imperialist forces. We in India, are waging continuous struggles against the moves of the US imperialism and its efforts to rope in India as its junior partner.


The CPI (M) is watching with interest the struggles carried out by the SACP and its efforts to achieve the goals of National Democratic Revolution. We are also observing eagerly the struggles waged by the SACP for an enhanced role of the state in the economy, for better healthcare and against corruption. We are confident that the discussions and outcome of this Special Congress would certainly help in the further strengthening of the SACP and hasten the process of achieving its objectives.


The SACP has an inspiring history of struggle against apartheid and imperialism. Many valiant comrades have given their lives to achieve a society free from exploitation. We are confident that this Special Congress would be historic, by taking further the heritage of this glorious tradition.




Once again, we take this opportunity to convey our warmest fraternal greetings and express our deep sense of solidarity with the South African Communist Party and all the fighting people of the country. We wish the Congress all success and a happy new year to all.