People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 51

December 20, 2009



Congress is Responsibile for

Such Serious Situation: CPI(M)


The Andhra Pradesh state committee of the CPI(M) met on December 15 in Hyderabad under the presidentship of G Nagaiah. Party state secretary B V Raghavulu released to the media the following resolution adopted by the state committee on the current developments in the state.


THE situation in the state has become tense in the last 15 days following the agitations for separate Telangana state in the beginning and now for united state. Normal life of people has come to a standstill. Certain forces are, in a planned manner, provoking regional chauvinism among people. With nearly half of the legislators tendering their resignations, the government has got the assembly adjourned sine die in order to tide over the difficult situation. Congress party and the central government are mainly responsible for creation of such a serious situation in the state. The Congress governments have never taken any concrete measures to develop the backward areas of Telangana and other regions. They never implemented the agreements and promises made in this regard. The failures of these governments in making the regional boards function; in implementing the 610 G.O; in building projects in backward areas; in giving special package for development of Telangana region etc have made the situation complicated. The opportunistic stance of main opposition parties like TDP and Praja Rajyam on this issue have also further complicated the situation. The state committee of the CPI(M) requests the central leadership of the Congress party and the UPA government to at least now respond to the situation and hold talks with all sections at the state and central level in order to restore normal situation in the state.


The CPI(M) is opposed to the suggestions being made for imposing of President's rule in the state to tackle the political crisis. Getting the MLAs to take back their resignations and restoring of government is a more correct option.


The state assembly has been adjourned sine die without discussing any problems facing the people of the state. No business could be transacted in the seven days it met due to the agitations by members. There was no scope to even mention the issues facing the people. With the administration also coming to a halt, there is a confusing situation as for taking up people's problems. The prices are skyrocketing; the people are facing hardships due to drought and floods; there is no solution to the problems facing the farmers; the government employees are unhappy over the pay revision commission recommendations; temporary government employees are not being paid salaries for the last few months; with funds stopped for Indiramma houses and mid-day meal scheme, things are coming to a standstill; rice has not been allotted for new ration card holders. Scholarships to students have not been disbursed; attacks are continuing against dalits and tribals. The people are vexed and helpless with the problems facing them. The state committee of the CPI(M) calls on the government to become active in solving these problems. It should hold the state assembly session as soon as possible.


The CPI(M) is opposed to division of existing states right from the beginning. It wants the Andhra Pradesh state to remain as one. It demands the central government to hold talks at state and central level without any delay. It appeals to the people of the state to safeguard peace, amity and brotherhood among them.