People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 50

December 13, 2009

Vietnamese Delegation Meets CPI(M) Leaders



A high-level nine member delegation led by Truong Vinh Trong, deputy prime minister of Vietnam and also member of the Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of Vietnam had visited the Central Committee office of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and had discussions with general secretary Prakash Karat on December 9. The delegation would be visiting West Bengal and Tripura during the course of their stay in the country.


Prakash Karat, welcoming the delegation to India, had explained to them the multi-religious, multi-ethnic diversity of the country. He also explained the various problems faced by the tribal and religious minorities and the struggles waged by the CPI(M) for the betterment of the lives of the people. He further explained in brief the work done by the Left Front governments in both West Bengal and Tripura for the welfare of the tribals and other minorities.


Trong thanked Prakash Karat for the invitation and stated that this being his first visit to the country, he is looking forward to learn a lot about the diversities present in India. He briefly explained the situation in Vietnam and the measures taken by the government and the Communist Party of Vietnam for the welfare of ethnic minorities. Stating that there are 54 groups of ethnic minorities in the country, he explained how the measures initiated by the government are helping in promoting harmony and love among them and contributing to national unity. He stated that through these efforts, they are trying to thwart the nefarious designs of external forces that are trying hard to intervene in the internal affairs of the country.


Trong also explained the economic situation in Vietnam and the efforts undertaken by the government to overcome the hardships posed by the world economic crisis. He mentioned that the economy of Vietnam would witness growth in the present financial year and cited the growth registered in the first quarter of this fiscal as an indicator in this direction.


He thanked the Indian people and the CPI(M) for their solidarity with the people of Vietnam and recalled the support extended during the Vietnamese struggle against imperialism and for national re-unification.


The delegation comprised Truong Vinh Trong, deputy prime minister, member of Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of Vietnam, chairman of the government�s commission for north western affairs, head of delegation; Nguyen Thi Nuong (woman), member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Party�s secretary of the Cao Bang Province; Lo Mai Trinh(woman), Party�s secretary of the Dien Bien Province; Dao Ngoc Dung, Central Committee member Vi Van Thanh, Party�s deputy secretary, chairperson of the Lang Son People�s Committee and Le Vinh Thu, general director of department, commission for external relations, CPV; Nguyen Hoanh Son, minister counsellor, deputy chief of mission, Vietnam�s Embassy; Dao Trong Truong, deputy general director, private secretary to the deputy prime minister and Mua a Tua, deputy general director, department of religious and minority communities affairs, central office of the CPV.

The delegation would be staying in India till December 18 and would leave for Hanoi from Kolkata.