People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 49

December 06, 2009

 West Bengal Left Front Memo to the Central Team



The following is the memorandum submitted by the Left Front of West Bengal to the central team visiting the state on December 1, 2009, detailing the incidents of terror, killings, loot and destruction of property indulged in by the Trinamool Congress and their Maoist accomplices.




The anti-Left gang up, consisting of the Trinamool Congress, their �Maoist� accomplices and other allies including some separatist forces, has been hell bent to disrupt and jeopardise the democratic atmosphere of West Bengal.


The TMC-backed hoodlums seem to learn no lesson even to-day and these forces of anarchism and disorder are in no mood to give up their fascist-like terror-tactics.


The irresponsible behaviour especially on the part of the members of the union cabinet representing the TMC is deplorable. It is quite unprecedented that two union ministers, Mukul Roy, minister of state for shipping and Sisir Adhikari, minister of state for rural development along with leader of the opposition in the state assembly, Partha Chattopadhyay went to Lalgarh on 28 July 2009  defying Section 144 and paying no heed to the advice of the state administration not to do so.


The open demand to withdraw the joint security forces from Lalgarh even by the members of the union cabinet reveals their disrespect for the decision of the union cabinet and exposes once again TMC�s covert and overt connivance with the Maoists and the so-called �Janasadharaner Committee�.


Such an attitude is quite detrimental to democratic norms and will only encourage the Maoist gunmen and anti-social opportunists. This is part of a well planned programme to incite and organise violent activities in West Bengal for petty political gains.


It may also be remembered that few months back a TMC MP �warned� in Khejuri of Purba Medinipur district that nobody would be allowed to remain to hold aloft the Red Flag.


The terror-tactics of the TMC and its allies and their total disregard for democratic norms are also exposed in the incidents of planned attempts of assassinating democratically elected people�s representatives.


Apart from attacking Left Front MLAs, the armed anti-socials backed by the TMC in particular are threatening our local body members in Panchayats and municipalities and even forced a number of them under gun point to tender resignation from their respective responsibilities as elected members.

It�s now an open secret that the TMC and its �Maoist� accomplices are helping each other in various forms and the pro-Maoist elements/ex-Naxalites are getting entry into different frontal organisations backed by the TMC.

In Nandigram, the Maoists helped the Trinamool hoodlums. In Khejuri also they came forward to back the TMC.


TMC leaders are also conspicuously maintaining golden silence uttering nothing against, rather tacitly supporting the senseless activities of the �Maoists� at times.


It is a shame that even when Rajdhani Express passengers were at the threshold of abduction recently, the union railway minister tried to skirt the responsibility from the shoulders of the Maoists.


Nishikanta Mondal, a TMC leader and gram panchayat pradhan in Nandigram, Purba Medinipur was killed. The TMC leadership including its supremo tried to pass on the buck onto the CPI(M), even when the Maoists accepted the responsibility of �punishing� Mandal.


The facts recorded below will reveal the real picture of how the TMC-Maoist combine is operating in West Bengal right now:


2 Nov 2008 � Mine blast to kill Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya in Shalboni, Paschim Medinipur. The chief minister and other dignitaries narrowly escaped.

3Nov 2008 ��Eye wash� was  Mamata Banerjee�s comment on the incident.

6 Nov 2008 - Mamata Banerjee   in a rally in Kolkata said: �I don�t see any Maoists here.� 

17 Nov 2008� A so-called �People�s Committee Against Police Atrocities� was organised in Dalilpur Chawk, Lalgarh, Paschim Medinipur. Chatradhar Mahato was made its spokesperson. Khemananda Mahata, Asit Mahato, Jatin Pratihar and such Trinamool Congress leaders are in the front rank. CPI(M) since the very beginning has been pointing out that  Chatradhar Mahato is a Trinamool leader. Chatradhar too admited this on 4 July 2009. In the last year�s panchayat election, he was the election agent of Khemananda Mahato, a TMC candidate in the panchayat samiti. He even was responsible for   giving a lead to the Trinamool in three booths of Lalgarh.

27 Dec 2008 - Mamata  Banerjee submitted a  memorandum  to the  governor  of West Bengal about the  issues concerning West Bengal.  But there also, not a single time did she mention about Maoist problems.

1 Feb 2009 - Comrade Nandalal Pal, CPI(M) Binpur Zonal Committee member was  murdered  while performing the last rites of his mother  in Murar  of Ramgarh.

2 Feb 2009 - Even Comrade Nandalal Pal�s mother�s last rites were not allowed to be performed by Chatradhar Mahato-led goons.

4 Feb 2009 � Mamata Banerjee   went to Khasjungle Chotopelia Dharampur  area  of Lalgarh, pillion riding on a motor cycle provided by  the Maoists  without any police protection and attended a local political programme. There she also met with Chatradhar Mahato and other PSJBC leaders, addressed a public meeting there  supporting Chatradhar Mahato  and his gang but maintained a golden silence on the Maoists. This inspite of the fact that the district administration had requested her not to go to Lalgarh.

6 April 2009 -   The Trinamool candidate and retired bureaucrat-turned TMC boss Dipak Ghosh demanded that the election should be held in Lalgarh without any police presence.  Same was the demand of Chatradhar Mahato.

12 April 2009 - Chatradhar Mahato raised a new set of demands that the so called �civil society�   ( pro-TMC group who were already involved in anti Left campaign in the state )  should act as observers in the poll process in Lalgarh.

24 April 2009 - Chatradhar Mahato and his gang created ruckus in Kolkata, Trinamool preferred to look the other way.

17 June 2009 � The campaign of the joint security forces started. Kishenji, Maoist boss was quoted as, �What will Mamata do now?� On the first day of the joint forces� campaign, the Maoists for the first time opened fire on the security forces from the house of a Trinamool leader Anil Mahato. Police arrested six miscreants from that house.

20 June 2009�Mamata Banerjee labeled the joint forces campaign as the �state- sponsored terrorism�.

23 June 2009 �Gour Chakraborty, �spokesman� of the Maoists was arrested.

28 June 2009- Mamata Banerjee dismissed angrily villagers� offering of drinking water to jawans of the joint forces as �all drama�

10 July 2009 -- The Maoists brutally murdered   CPI (M) Party member Comrade Gurcharan Mahato (48) in Shirshi Village, Sadar Block of West Medinipore district.  The Maoists   set up a kangaroo court in the village and cut off the facial vein of Gurcharan Mahato.

11 July 2009-  Biswanath Mahato , TMC activist from Belpahari and  publicity  secretary of   Maoist leader Kishenji was  produced in the court.

15 July 2009- The Maoists brutally murdered   Comrade Gangahar Mahato (60), secretary of the Tumrashol local committee of the Party in Purulia district�s Barabajaar police station area�s Beldi village.  Comrade Gangadhar Mahato   was surrounded from all sides   and was fired upon at point blank range   and he died on the spot.

21 July 2009-   Chatradhar Mahato   wanted to sit in a discussion with a Trinamool delegation.

28 Jul 2009- Sishir Adhikary, Mukul Roy (both are union ministers) and Trinamool leader Partha Chatterjee went to Lalgarh defying Section 144 of the Cr P C and held closed-door parleys.

30  July 2009-   In Paschim  Medinipur district�s   Goaltore�s Kanjimakali  village, suspected Maoists  gunned  down    CPI(M) leader   Comrade Sagar Masant. 

1 Aug 2009-      Comrade Nirmal Mahato, secretary of the Birkaad branch committee of the Lalgarh   was killed by the Maoists.  His throat was slit by sharp weapons   and hit with flat objects. Comrade Nirmal Mahato   was the resident of the same village as that of the Maoist leader Chatradhar Mahato.

17 Aug 2009-    CPI (M) Jibontla local committee member Madar Ali Mollah   was shot gruesomely by Trinamool congress hooligans. The sixty-seven year old veteran leader was shot at point blank range. Before killing him, the miscreants also attacked the   Zonal CPI (M) Party office at Canning, South 24 Paraganas.  Several structures including a CPI (M) demonstration venue, a transport workers� union office, an auto rickshaw union office were destroyed.

29 Aug 2009- In Purulia district, Comrade Laxmikanta Kumar, secretary of  the CPI(M)  Chatuhaasa  local committee    and Arshaa   CPI(M)  zonal committee member  and  was killed brutally  by the Maoist- Trinamool  assassins.  He was a farmer by profession.  The miscreants fled riding on a motorcycle.

30 Aug 2009- Comrade Debiprasad Hazra, secretary of CPI(M) �s Balarampu Gitilanghar  Branch, Balarampur, Purulia district,   was killed by the Maoists.   He was brutally shot before the eyes of his 5 year old son.

8 Sept 2009-   Comrade Ramdas Murmu was brutally killed by the Maoists. He  was a primary school teacher and a member of the   CPI(M) Sukhdali local committee, Sarenga area of Bankura district.

10 Sept 2009 -   Comrade Krishna Kundu, CPI(M)  Sarenga zonal committee member  and  secretary of the Bikrampur local committee, Bankura district was brutally murdered by the  Maoists.

14 Sept 2009 - In Lalgarh Block, two persons were killed by the Maoist Trinamool alliance.  Before the eyes of innocent children in a school building, their teacher Kartik Mahato was brutally gunned down by the Maoists.   He was teaching his students in a class room.  On the same date, in Shalboni�s Buripala, CPI(M)  branch secretary   Sambhu Mahato  was  forced out from his grocery shop  and was killed by the Maoists.  In the last nine days of September in Jangalmahal, seven CPI(M) workers had been killed by the Maoists.   Four ordinary villagers had been killed by the Maoists.

18 Sept 2009 � Jatin Pratihar, TMC leader close to the Maoists was arrested from Katapahari along with Trinamool workers, Aswini Bej , Sunil Bej  and  Sundar Mandi.

20 Sept 2009 - Trinamool organised demonstrations demanding the release of the Maoists, they gheraoed a   Police Camp in Dherua.

26 Sept 2009 - Chatradhar Mahato   was arrested.

28 Sept 2009 - Noted strategic expert Bed Marwa alerted on entry of Maoists within Trinamool ranks.

3 Oct 2009- Mamata Banerjee is the fittest candidate for the post of West Bengal chief minister�, said Kishenji.

10 Oct 2009- �The central government didn�t want to arrest Chatradhar Mahato.  The joint forces did a wrong thing. The Maoists should get   a chance and the intellectuals should mediate on this issue�, commented Mamata Banerjee

14 Oct 2009-  Kishanji welcomed Mamata Banerjee�s demand  to withdraw  the joint forces from  Lalgarh.

25 Oct 2009� Sishir Adhikary, union minister attended a secret meeting in Salboni   resulting in tension in the area.

27 Oct 2009- Attack on Rajdhani Express. -  Sishir Adhikary claims that he knew about it - beforehand. Mamata Banerjee didn�t even mention about the involvement of the Maoists and said it is the work of CPI(M) .

29 Oct 2009- Not a single name of accused persons is present in the FIR of the Railways.

22 Nov 2009 - Comrade Tapan Mahato was killed in Salboni by the Maoists.  He was among the three CPI (M) workers abducted by the Maoists.

24 Nov 2009�CPI (M) Binpur 2 zonal committee member Madan Ghosh was killed by the Maoists. In Belpahari block's Hardah area�s Aulia village when he was reaping his harvest, the Maoists fired upon him and then hit him with choppers. Madan Ghosh�s young son who was a police employee was also not spared .He was also shot at.

26  Nov, 2009  Subimal  Malli , ABTA member  and teacher of Ranga High school   and CPI(M) supporter, was shot from a close range by suspected Maoists .  They snatched the money that he was carrying and shot the teacher and his pillion rider.

29 Nov 2009- Mamata Banerjee reiterated: �There is nothing called Mao�.


Attacks against CPI (M) members and supporters in Pursurah, Hooghly:

1. Dilip Manna, son of Haradhan Manna from village Shyampur, was brutally murdered by TMC Hoologans on 22, December 2008.   The FIR No. is 144/08.

2. Mosammat Siddique Begam, wife of S K Mosaraf of village Boro Digrni, aged 40 years was gangraped, her hands and leg was broken by rapist TMC hooligans on 27 September 2009. The

FIR No. is 111/09

3. Saifunnesa Bibi,  mother of Mosaraf, aged 75 years was attacked on 27 September 2009.  Her left leg was smashed by iron rods.  She was admitted first in Dakshin Narayanpur BPHC, Arambagh and transferred to Arambagh SD Hospital, and later on referred to SSKM Hospital where she died  on 4 November 2009.The FIR No. is 115/09  dated 17October 2009.

4. Sk Hasibul Hussain, son of Late Moliar of village Boro Digrui was brutally beaten with iron rods. His hands, legs and rib bones were crushed.  He died in Hospital. His house was attacked, ransacked and looted.   The FIR No. is 100/09 dated 26 September 2009.

5. Baidyanath Pal of  Sodepur, Pursurah was attacked.

6. Ganesh Hasda from Scheduled Tribe was brutally murdered in open day light.  The FIR No. is  88/09  dated 12September 2009

7. From the 24-25 November 2009, eight members of Shyampur gram panchayat were beaten and forced to sign resignation letters.  Chhabi Hazra, gram panchayat member, and her husband were beaten, their house was looted and destroyed.

Altamesa Begam, Pursurah panchayat samiti member of village Borodigrui was beaten and forced to sign resignation letter. Her house was looted. The FIR could not be lodged because of threat from TMC goondas.

The house of Bimal Sigha Roy,  Pursurah zonal committee member was looted and set to fire.

Jharna Bhukta, wife of Kanan Bhukta, Shyampur gram panchayat member was beaten and forced to sign resignation letter. No FIR could be lodged because of threat from TMC goondas.

Gobinda Bera, pradhan, Shyampur gram panchayat in his written complaint to officer-in-charge, Pursurah complained that TMC miscreants are forcing him to sign on allocation of funds, looting the funds of panchayat.  TMC miscreants are threatening him that his family would be murdered if he refuses to sign according to their instruction (Already established in district magistrate�s enquiry on last 25 November 2009).

8. Eight Party offices of CPI (M) in Pursurah were looted and burnt to ashes. The houses of 37 persons belonging to minority community were looted and destroyed. The houses of 65 persons belonging to the Scheduled Caste community were looted and destroyed till date. A total of 127 CPI(M) workers were seriously injured. A total of 173 workers and Party members were forced to leave their houses.  The FIRs were lodged in Pursurah police station.

During the last floods, TMC miscreants looted relief materials from Pursurah relief godown (7 October to 12 October 2009).

All Types of weapons � guns, revolvers, mini canon, sword, tangi, and bombs are being used by the TMC hooligans in all the eight gram panchayat  areas of Pursurah police station.

Astapada Bera of Pursurah village and Parvez Rahaman of Baikanthapur village are leading all the TMC attacks.