People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 49

December 06, 2009

Gas Victims� Demands Charter


1) Steps to ensure Anderson�s Extradition.

2) Five times increase in compensation for all victims.

3) Review of fraudulent categorisation of gas victims.

4) Priority to gas victims in all schemes and at all levels.

5) Compensation for the gas-related deaths that took place after 1992.

6) Immediate action by railways ministry on the demands of gas victims in railways area.

7) Complete diagnosis and treatment of affected rail workers, to be paid for by the rail ministry.

8) Arrangement for affected rail workers in railway hospital. Special campaign for prevention of cancer and other diseases in railways area.

9) Free transportation for affected rail workers to and from the hospital.

10) Full arrangement for rehabilitation of the gas victims� children. Education, stipend, ITI certificates and employment for them.

11) Making the gas relief department a permanent body.

12) Appointment of regular doctors and other staff in vacant posts. Arrangement of quality medicines, new machines and other diagnostic facilities for the victims. Augmentation of alternative facilities for their treatment.

13) Computerisation and networking of all information regarding gas victims.

14) Immediate action to stop the bungling going on the Bhopal Memorial Hospital.

15) Scientific test of soil and water in the areas polluted by the Carbide plant�s poisonous garbage. Potable water for the people living in this whole area.

16) Extension of the benefits of welfare schemes to the people by affected gas and poisoned water.

17) BPL ration cards for the affected people. An end to corruption and irregularities in ration distribution.

18) Use of Rs 10 crore that has been earmarked for a memorial, to provide rehabilitation, ration and medicines for the seriously affected people. 

19) Constitution of a national commission for the gas victims.