People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 42

October 18, 2009

                        �Maoists� Have Fresh Plans to

                        Assassinate Buddhadeb

B Prasant



OLICE investigations reveal that the CPI (Maoist) has plans afoot to assassinate Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee in Kolkata.  There is another plan in the pipeline to mount an assault on the Writers� Buildings with hundreds of trained armed cadres. The interrogation of a couple of top level left sectarian leaders has led the police to these conclusions.  Suicide attacks, too, are not ruled out.


Speaking to People�s Democracy, Biman Basu, state secretary of Bengal CPI(M) said that the �Trinamulis and all their associates, cohorts, lackeys and underlings, here and abroad, including the self-styled �Maoists� are planning all the while to assassinate our Party leaders and workers. �This,� said Biman �is a condemnable and comprehensively counter-democratic exercise.� 


Biman continued to say that �the present disclosure clearly depicts that these reactionary forces and their patrons in the ruling classes and the big media, have not learnt any lesson, and are continuing to engage in nefarious acts of commission.  There is need to isolate them and identify them as the enemy of the people.�





The �Maoists� confessed that this time the fresh �place of occurrence� has been chosen to be Kolkata city and its surrounds for the performance of the nefarious acts that these goons have carried out with impunity in Midnapore west in particular, in the past, especially the recent past.


The assassins organised and held a series of meetings very recently, probably last week, in a house (location unrevealed) in downtown Kolkata.  At least one of the meetings saw the national-level leaders of the criminals present including the shadowy figure of �Kishanji.�  The �Maoists� came to and went away from the rendezvous in luxury vehicles of a wealthy and well-known person who resides in the city and is known to have an enormous anti-CPI(M) frame of mind.


Incidentally, earlier reports from the police sources have already revealed that a couple of dozen-odd persons of the metropolis have kept close touch with the killers and have provided them not merely with news and views but leadership material as well. 


Added to these �Maoist�-loving individuals are at least four political parties which  act as the goons� patrons and co-conspirators against the CPI(M) and the Left Front government, especially chief minister Buddhadeb.  Names and addresses of the individual patrons of the murderers are now made known to the police who prefer not to go public at the moment.





The entire plan to assassinate Buddhadeb fulminated over the past four months, we learn.  The action was to be led by Sasadhar Mahato, the ever-loving brother-at-arms of the Trinamuli goon Chhatradhar Mahato, and by Sasadhar�s wife �Suchitra� who is a hard-core member of the armed squad leadership of the �Maoists,� having received arms training in neighbouring Jharkhand in the Giridih forests.


A question that is obvious for the asking is the modus operandi of so many criminals moving freely in the city, evading, even eluding, the extensive police network, particularly of the plainclothesmen belonging to the Special Branch (SB), and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), plus the central agencies like the Intelligence Bureau (IB). 


The police response borders on na�vet� but is plausible enough to be mentioned.  It is noted that the criminals moved around under cover of the protective kind a large number of anti-Communist �intellectuals� and performing artistes whose photos, it needs mention, deep in consultation with Chhatradhar Mahato in the forest clearings of Midnapore west, have already appeared in the media.   





The police have of late taken into custody two individuals from Jadavpur who led and organised two pro-�Maoist� outfits.  The fora are the �Lalgarh Solidarity Manch,� and the �Mass Resistance Manch.�  At least one of the two criminals interrogated has named the top floor of a multi-storied building at Prafulla Sarkar Street near to the place where the vast offices of the Patrika group is located, as a �safe house� for the killers and their adjutants.. 


Another place of rendezvous has been a building on Lenin Sarani near where the office of a �political outfit� of sorts is located, and the outfit is known for its strong and violent antipathy towards the CPI(M) as well as for their oozing sympathy for the Trinamulis and the �Maoists.�  Always in attendance at the meetings among others were the brothers Sasadhar and Chhatradhar.  The latter is presently in jail custody after having spent a week or so in police custody.


Meanwhile, on October 10, the Trinamuli supremo gave a long interview to her favourite channel Star Ananda, an Anand Bazar Patrika group affiliate. There she invited �Kishanji� for a �bi-lateral talk,� and even went so far as to say that the killers �have executed a series of good work,� without bothering to expand on her cryptic comments.


The chieftain once again spoke of her opposition to the security forces operations at and around Lalgarh.  The chief also pointed out that the killing of the Trinamuli goon Nishikanta Mondal in Midnapore east was �probably not the work of �Maoists�.�  We in this connection remember that the �Maoists� have already expressed their eagerness to �see the Trinamuli leader as the Bengal chief minister.�