People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 41

October 11, 2009

Communist & Workers Parties Discuss Palestine Issue


CURRENTLY, a tense situation prevails in the Middle East. Supported by the USA, Israel under Zionists is continually refusing to recognise the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and to establish their own, independent national state. Israel is also not allowing the return of Palestinian refugees and is continuing its crimes against the people in the Palestinian territories. Israel is also continuing its occupation of the Golan Heights of Syria, some parts of south Lebanon and Iraq, while issues threats to and exerting pressures against Syria. In view of this situation, a number of Communist and Workers Parties from various countries recently held a meeting in Damascus to discuss the Palestinian and Arab issues and take a position.
Taking place on September 28-30 with the participation of representatives of 50 parties from across the globe, the meeting expressed support to the right of the Palestinian people and its legitimate representatives to move towards the establishment of a national independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, with East Jerusalem as its capital. The parties urged the United Nations and the states all over the world to fully recognise such a Palestinian state.
The participating parties also decided to hold actions on November 29, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. These actions will include rallies, sit-in strikes in front of Israeli embassies in the countries having diplomatic relations with Israel. Rallies and sit-in strikes will also take place in front of UN offices and US embassies. These actions will also announce support to the inalienable legitimate right of Palestinian refugees to return and protest against the Judaification of Jerusalem, against creation and expansion of the Jewish settlements and against the apartheid wall.
Another decision was that the parties would endeavour to bring pressure upon the governments of their respective countries to sever their relations with Israel. They will also organise activities and campaigns on May 15 every year to give support to the Palestinian people. Similarly, they will organise different forms of activities on December 14 every year in solidarity with the Syrian citizens of the occupied Golan Heights, urge upon all the countries to denounce its annexation by Israel and demand its return to Syria.
Another idea is to work out a practicable plan to set up and develop a joint media platform for the various communist and workers� parties.   
Further, the participating parties will set up a group of lawyers and law experts to try bring the American and Israeli war criminals to the courts of justice. Such a group will also investigate the crimes committed in Sabra, Shatilla, Qana, Jenin, Gaza and other places against the civilians in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, and also the crimes committed against the people of Iraq.
The participating communist and workers� parties will also work out a more detailed programme. A committee with representatives from the Syrian, Lebanese and Greek Communist Parties, besides the Palestinian People�s Party, will be in charge of working out such a programme.
Finally, the representatives of the Communist and Workers Parties thanked the Syrian Communist Party of Syria for hosting this international meeting and making efforts for its success.