People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 34

August 23, 2009



Desher Katha Celebrates 30 Years of Publication


   Rahul Sinha


DESHER Katha, the organ of CPI(M) Tripura state committee, completes thirty years of publication. On August 14, a huge meeting was organised in Agartala to mark the occasion. It was attended by a huge number of readers and well wishers of the paper, which was proof enough of the wide acceptance of the paper among the democratic masses of Tripura. Desher Katha used this occasion to honour and express gratitude to the older leaders of the democratic movement, former and veteran workers and associates of the paper. The meeting was presided over by veteran leader Baidyanath Majumdar. Prakash  Karat, CPI(M) general secretary, Polit Bureau member of  CPI(M) and chief minister Manik Sarkar, state secretary Bijan Dhar, Narayan Dutta ,editor Ganashakti, V Parameswaran, editor,Theekkathir, Vinaykumar, editor , Prajashakti  were among those who addressed the gathering. Gautam Das, editor, Desher Katha delivered the welcome address. CPI(M) Central Committee members, Khagen Das, Rama Das, Bajuban Reang, state secretariat member Anil Sarkar were present on the stage. Before the hall meeting began, Prakash Karat inaugurated a special exhibition on the evolution of Party organs of the state and the development of Desher Katha.


  The chief guest of the meeting, Prakash Karat congratulating everyone associated with the paper on this occasion, said, Desher Katha is an inseparable part of the democratic movement of the state. For the last three decades, it has been playing a glorious role as the   daily organ of the Party state committee in reaching out to the masses with the message of the Party and the democratic movement and has remained commendably instrumental in giving voice to the movements and aspirations of the toiling masses. Karat said, “ For the last two decades, I have witnessed how the paper has spread the views and opinions of the Party to the masses of Tripura, facing all kinds of challenges and developed as a complete daily. It’s a matter of pride for all of us and I hope the paper will move forward more effectively and spread the campaign of the Party.” Karat said, the history of the Party and the mass movement in Tripura has always been a source of inspiration for the Left and democratic movement in the whole country .We   had a major victory in the last general elections here, despite the concerted attack mounted on us by forces of reaction, the corporate media and imperialism. The faith people have kept on us is a reflection of the Party’s political-organisational success and support for the developmental activities of the Left Front government. He also called for strengthening the mass base of the Party by waging relentless struggles on issues concerning the toiling masses and asked Desher Katha and other organs of the Party to play an effective role in it.


Dwelling on the national situation, Praksh Karat said that the first three months of the UPA government have indicated that this government is bent on following the same path of neo liberalism and seeks a deeper alliance with the US imperialism. He said the president’s speech in the joint session of the parliament  , the economic survey and the budget have shown that this government has learnt no lessons from the ongoing global economic crisis. That is why they are working hard towards privatisation of bank, insurance, pension funds and taking steps for disinvestment of the public sector enterprises.

Karat said the whole country is facing a severe drought situation with 177 districts already declared drought affected. In spite of government’s claim of negative inflation, the prices of essential commodities are beyond the purchasing capacity of the ordinary people. The public distribution system is in tatters and the government wants it to be further diluted in the name of the proposed so called food security act. In this situation, what other path but that of struggle remains opened for us, he questioned. Karat said after the setback of the Left in the 15th Lok Sabha elections, many people including some of our well wishers have advised us to stop fighting against imperialism as if imperialism is a thing of the past. This, Karat said, is virtually to recommend that the CPI(M) be winded up and Left play a subsidiary role, one of supporting the Congress, or at best act as a sort of Left wing of the Congress party.  He said we cannot afford to do that. More than six decades after independence, experience has taught the Left that this is not the path to take. Without waging a struggle against the imperialism, we will not be able to safeguard the toiling masses against the onslaught of the neo liberalism.

Karat reminded that the CPI(M) might be running governments in three states today and may be out of power some other day, but we cannot afford to forget that out primary objective is People’s Democratic revolution which abolishes the existing bourgeois – landlord system. For that, we have to further consolidate the mass base of the Party. Karat said Congress party should not think they have the mandate to follow an unopposed path of neoliberal reforms. If the first three months of the government has been marked by tremendous attacks on the masses, then the struggle against it shall also be befitting. We are going to organise a national convention on food security in Delhi on August 26, which will be followed by movements in the states. To counter the moves of disinvestment and the anti worker policies of the centre, all the central trade unions including CITU,INTUC, BMS shall organise a joint convention and joint movements. Karat said by identifying ourselves with the common people, waging relentless struggles on the genuine and day to day problems of the toiling millions, we can regain the faith and support of the people and deepen our mass base. Congress should know they do not have a mandate to follow an unopposed path of neo liberalism.

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and chief minister of the state,  Manik Sarkar  said the completion of 30 years of Desher Katha, facing all kinds of obstacles is no doubt a joyous occasion but there is little room for complacency and our goal is still miles away. He said the political and economic situation of the country is a very complex one. In the 15th Lok Sabha elections, the Left had to fight with not only its political rivals but a coalition of the corporate media, monopoly capital, landlords and blackmarketeers who backed the Congress in an un-announced crusade against the Left. But, he said, this is a temporary phase. The first three months of this government have shown that in the coming days, the attack on the common masses will be more naked and severe. Stormy days are ahead. People shall not accept this. They will resist this attack tooth and nail. Desher Katha and other organs of the Party have to take a proactive role in this struggle, he said in conclusion.