People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 33

August 16, 200



DYFI Office Inaugurated at Dimapur


                                     E Philip


THE state unit office of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) in Nagaland was formally inaugurated at Dimapur on July 30. This office is located opposite the Central Jail in Diphupar.

At present the DYFI has a membership of about 5,000 in in Nagaland, with committees in three districts. Soon it is going to have its presence in two other districts --- Okha and Mohoshun.

DYFI general secretary Tapas Sinha inaugurated the office. While congratulating the newly joining comrades of the organisations, he said that the main objective of the DYFI is to change the society. Informing that the DYFI is the largest organisation of the youth in India, with 17.6 million youth as members, he said the prime objective of the DYFI is to fight for the basic demand of Indian youth --- “Jobs For All, Education For All.” He also said it has been a long dream of the DYFI to have its presence in Nagaland, and exhorted the new members to build and spread the DYFI for the sake of building a better society in Nagaland and in the country.

Sinha criticised to the central government for its gross negligence of the economically backward state of Nagaland. He advised that the DYFI state committee must formulate a charter of demands on different issues facing the youth and the wider society in Nagaland, and assured that the all-India body would take up the matter with the prime minister of India. He also encouraged the state committee and the district committees to organise sports, cultural festivals and other programmes, and also to take up major related issued and problems facing the wider society. He said the youth are a part of the wider society, cannot remain aloof from it and have to come forward promptly whenever the society needs their contribution in any form whatsoever. On this occasion, Sinha donated a steel almirah and a computer printer for the new office.

A colourful traditional cultural programme was organised on this occasion.

The opening of the DYFI state committee office coincided with the first district conference of the DYFI in Dimapur. Deep enthusiasm, an open rally, a delegates session and traditional cultural programmes marked the conference.

The two-day district conference took place at Diphupar in Dimapur on July 30 and 31. On the behalf of the DYFI central executive committee, Tapas Sinha congratulated all the members of DYFI in Dimapur for carrying forward the work of the organisation, and explained the aims and objectives of the DYFI. He also stated that, as a forward looking and progressive organisation, the DYFI cannot remain aloof from the anti-imperialist struggles, and from the struggles inspired by democratic and socialist ideas.

State DYFI’s acting president Zuchurno Lotha described the youth as key players in  effecting basic pro-people changes in society.

The newly elected committee has C Francis Kikon as president, Toky Y Yeptha as general secretary, Debasish Burman as treasurer, and John Kikon, Sede Angami, Kitoi Sumi, Vicky Singh, Nehum Kithan and Vikhesha as other members.