People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 33

August 16, 200



Lalgarh Killings: CPI(M) Holds

Protest Rally in Hyderabad


SCORES of people marched on the streets of Hyderabad protesting the continuing murderous attacks on CPI(M) workers and sympathisers in Lalgarh area of West Bengal by the Trinamul-Maoist combine. The rally, held under the aegis of the Hyderabad city committee of CPI(M), began from the Sundarayya Vignana Kendram and culminated at Indira Park in a solidarity meeting which was addressed by the state leaders of the Party.


Addressing the meeting, CPI(M) central committee member and MP, P Madhu said that these attacks are part of an organised attempt to weaken the CPI(M) in its stronghold. The ganging up of all reactionary forces from the far right to the far left and the unleashing of these murderous attacks which have resulted in killings of 73 CPI(M) members and supporters since the elections are a part of this attempt. The CPI(M) which has stood by the poor of West Bengal even while in governance for the last 32 years will not be cowed down by these attacks, he asserted. It will overcome this latest phase of attacks with the help of the people of Bengal. Like in the past, the people of Andhra Pradesh would remain in solidarity with the people of Bengal in their struggle against reactionary forces.


CPI(M) state secretariat member S Malla Reddy in his speech reminded how those who in the past vowed to finish the communists have themselves ended up in the dust bin of history. The same fate awaits these reactionaries who have unleashed a reign of terror in Lalgarh. Saying that communists have the strength to resist and overcome such repression, he reminded the audience how the communists in Andhra Pradesh withstood the repression unleashed by the then Congress chief minister Jalagam Vengal Rao. He lambasted the union ministers belonging to Trinamul Congress for openly speaking in support of the 'Maoists' and thus contributing to the worsening of the law and order situation in that area. The CPI(M) leader also criticised the governor of West Bengal for his statement in which he indirectly supported the Trinamul Congress and the 'Maoists'.


CPI(M) Hyderabad city secretary P S N Murthy also spoke in the meeting.





Such protest rallies against the violence of Maoist-Mamata combine in Lalgarh have been held across the state of Andhra Pradesh by the Party. In Khammam district rallies and meetings were held in 30 centres in 8 divisions in which about 7000 people participated. In Vishakapatnam city a huge rally was held from Jagadamba Junction to RTC complex which saw over 1500 people participating. Similar reports of activity were received from Krishna, Medak and other districts of the state. A booklet brought out by the Party state committee on this issue was also widely taken among the people with 45,000 copies sold.