People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 31

August 02, 200



CPI(M) Plans Campaign against Price Rise


THE poor and lower middle class of Delhi are being ground down by the unprecedented rise in prices of eatables. The skyrocketing prices of dals have placed them outside the reach of the poor. Soaring prices of vegetables, sugar and edible oils are further adding to the miseries of the people.

The response of the Delhi government to this crisis has been utterly callous. All it has done till now is to belatedly announce its intent to sell dals at controlled rates. This is nothing more than a superficial palliative.

Criticising the state government�s callousness on the issue, Delhi state unit of the CPI(M) has demanded the following immediate measures:

1) Provision by the state government of rice, wheat, dals, sugar and edible oils at controlled rates to all those living in jhuggis, workers colonies, unauthorised colonies and resettlement colonies, irrespective of whether they have ration cards or not.

2) Sale of these essential commodities in the colonies through mobile vans on pre-announced and definite days and time.

The CPI(M)�s Delhi state committee has decided to launch a month long struggle in August against the unwillingness of the Delhi government to check the soaring prices of eatables and its attempts to further emasculate the public distribution system. (INN)