People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 31

August 02, 200

                        Trinamuli Goons Assault

                        CPI(M) Workers, MLA at Sonarpur

B Prasant


WITH intent to murder, dozen-odd armed goons in the pay of the Trinamul Congress launched a murderous attack on CPI(M) workers and MLA at Sonarpur in south 24 Parganas.  The local municipality has recently been captured by the Trinamulis in elections held across Bengal. 


This is the first major assault engineered on CPI(M) workers, including a CPI(M) MLA in this area for a pretty long time if memory serves, perhaps over a decade. The people remained witnesses to the �face of change� that the Trinamuli chief and her fawning, admiring media-persons are so madly fond of uttering like a mantra.


The dastardly attack took place late in the evening of July 26 when a CPI(M) rally had just ended at the Chanditala locality.  As the CPI(M) workers were gathering together the campaign material, and dismantling the dais and the podium amidst slogans, the Trinamuli goondas struck with deadly precision.


Using sharp and cutting weapons as well as sharp-pointed iron rods, and thick staves, the hooligans hit out at the CPI(M) workers and the MLA present.  Receiving serious injuries in the short, sharp, deadly assault were MLA Shyamal Naskar as well as CPI(M) workers Tapan Bhattacharya, Susanta Ghosh, Bhola Chakraborty, and Gour Mondal, all of whom had to be shifted to nearby medical centres and later to hospitals as they were bleeding heavily, mostly from head wounds. 


On their way out of the fracas, the Trinamuli hoods ransacked the small house of Uma Aich, a former councillor of the Sonarpur municipality.


Elsewhere, up in Siliguri, the Darjeeling district unit of the Left Front announced the list of Left Front candidates for the upcoming elections to the Siliguri Municipal Corporation.  In the 47 seats being fought for, CPI(M) has fielded 38 candidates, the CPI 4, the Forward Bloc 3, and the RSP 2.  Twenty two of the candidates, i.e. 47 per cent, are women.  Ten are Hindi-speaking while one candidate is a Nepali-speaking comrade.  The Left Front has nominated 28 new faces this time around.




In the name of a bandh called on non-issues like the presence of police in western Bengal, the Jharkhandis of the �disham� group, aided and abetted by local units of the Trinamulis, assaulted railway passengers, held up train services, blocked highways and other main arterial roads, and forced shopkeepers to down shutters in the various towns of Purulia and Burdwan. 


The hooligans came out with sharp, cutting weapons including large spears, and daggers.  People were terrorised.  One of the chased, a young student by the name of Arghya Samanta, suffered from a panic attack as he stumbled and fell and saw a murderous mob approaching him with arms at the ready. 


The young man, aged 20, tragically died from a heart seizure.  The attackers then ransacked several haats and bazaars putting to the torch houses of CPI(M) supporters in both districts, at several places, and then also ran amuck in the bordering district of Hooghly.


Condemning this mayhem, CPI(M) state secretary Biman Basu said that the recent events showed how the Trinamulis and their associates were keeping up efforts to step up violence in Bengal, especially in areas where they have won elections of late.  At the call of the CPI(M), street corner meetings and smaller rallies have continued across Bengal to protest the attempt at bringing back anarchy in the state.


In a related development, the Burdwan unit of the CPI(M) has produced a video clipping that depicts the presence of one Nazir Sheikh, one of the killers named by Comrade Falguni in his dying statement.  Manas Bhuinya the Congress leader had said that if it could be proved that the Pradesh Congress leaders on a recent tour of Mangolkote had been accompanied by any of the accused in the Comrade Falguni murder case, he would resign as an MLA. The Congress is yet to respond to this revelation.