People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 30

July 26, 200


 Khap Panchayat Wreaks Havoc In The Family Of Newly Married Couple


HARYANA state committee of CPI(M) has described as most unfortunate the dictum issued by a so-called khap panchayat declaring social boycott of a family in village Dharana of Jhajjar district and forcing the innocent family to leave the village permanently. The Party has condemned the total inaction of the law enforcing agencies' inaction despite a formal complaint to the Jhajjar police. It was only this indifference of the police at the instance of its political bosses that the family was left at the mercy of some self styled custodians of society indulging into illegal and undesirable act of annulling a valid marriage. It was this indifference towards the security of his family that led the young newly married Ravinder to consume poisonous substance on July 17, 2009 and lying in PGIMS Rohtak hospital. The Party has expressed deep anguish over the unabated continuance of Kangaroo courts in the state with impunity and holding the civil society to ransom. Inderjit Singh, state secretary of the Party has said that such disgraceful acts of certain irresponsible individuals masquerading as panchayatis have brought bad name to the state as a whole and he appealed to all justice loving and saner people to come out against the socially retrograde elements in order to isolate them. They must not be allowed to speak on behalf of all citizens, he stated.  In the meanwhile several social organisations like AIDWA, Mahila Sabha, All India Rachanatmak Samaj, All India Kisan Sabha, DYFI,SFI, Gyan Vigyan Samiti, Lawyers' Union, CITU, AITUC etc., have strongly criticised the fatwa and demanded full security to the family and the newly married couple who have been ordered by the Khap to get divorced and become brother and sister.