People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 29

July 19, 2009


                        Left Sectarians On Killing Spree At Lalgarh


                        B Prasant


CORNERED by the pincer tactics of political isolation by the CPI(M) accompanied by vigorous police operations, the left sectarian �Maoists� have chosen the desperate way out � to kill innocent villagers who are not even supporters of the Left.


Perhaps as in the 1970s, this is the way these perverted killers prefer to let the democratic masses know of their noxious presence.  Deprived of the forced entry they would have had even months earlier into villages of the locale, the criminals have turned to killing as the weapon to threaten people with dire consequences otherwise.


In the latest incident of gruesome proportions, two villagers were dragged out of their hutments in the dead of the night at Madhupur under the Sijua Gram Panchayat near Lalgarh.  They were Swapan Deb Singha and Tarini Deb Singha.  The marauders, armed with automatic weapons, beat them up thoroughly into bloodied pulps using blunt cudgels, and then dragged the dying duo deep into the desolate Ranja forestry abutting the village cluster. 


Shots were heard by the fuming villagers soon after, and they rushed out, only to find the two hapless victims of the �ongoing peasant revolution,� (�Maoist� phraseology) lying in pools of blood some 30 metres apart, shot twice at close range on the sides of their heads.  Biman Basu who was at the Solabagha village away in Howrah, the village that had been virtually razed to the ground, as reported earlier, by the swaggering marauders of the Trinamuli gangsters, expressed his condolences to the twin killings. 





The Solabagha village has had its 43 houses of differing kind rebuilt since the night of the long knives and livid torches.  The leaders of the local Party, the different Left mass organisations, and the Rajasthan-Bengal Maitri Parishad (whose president Sisir Bajoria was among those present) spoke on the occasion following Biman Basu�s address where the CPI(M) called for organisational fortitude and political staunchness in the task of growth as opposed to destruction.