People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 27

July 05, 2009

Comrade P Sundarayya�s Autobiography Released


THE life of Comrade Putchalapalli Sundarayya � simple living, great sacrifices, relentless struggle for the upliftment of the masses � must be the role model for all those striving to change the society for the better.


This was stressed by speakers at a function organised in Hyderabad on June 28, 2009 on the occasion of the release of an autobiography of P Sundarayya, published by the National Book Trust, India. The book, which was edited and abridged by Professor Atlury Murali of Hyderabad Central University, was released by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and secretary of Andhra Pradesh state committee, B V Raghavulu at a function organised jointly by the NBT and the Sundarayya Vignana Kendram.


To capture the rich experience of Comrade Sundarayya, two senior comrades had managed to record the account of his life in his own voice. Spread over 20 tapes of 90 minutes each, the autobiographical narrative covered the life of Comrade Sundarayya in minute detail. This narrative was transcribed, and then edited and abridged by Professor Murali into the present 432 page volume, which has been priced Rs 145.


Speaking on this occasion, Raghavulu said Comrade Sundarayya consistently fought against all forms of exploitation �� not just economic but also against social exploitation, be it women�s exploitation in family, caste oppression etc. He led by personal example in these matters. He would be a role model as long as there is exploitation, discrimination in the society. Comrade Sundarayya�s role in the ending of feudal princely states and formation of modern India by waging the heroic Telangana armed struggle was underlined by Raghavulu. His renowned quality of detailed study and research of issues through personal field visits was noted. Raghavulu felt that there is still need for a good biography on Comrade Sundarayya by a capable historian. He announced that a museum on Telangana armed struggle is also being planned in the future. The NBT was appreciated for bringing out this book in English as it would help in reaching out to the readers all over the country.


Presiding over the function, Chukka Ramaiah, renowned educationist and member of the Legislative Council of Andhra Pradesh, recalled his association with Comrade Sundarayya during the days of Telangana armed struggle. He said Comrade Sundarayya personified Marxism. He used to tour the remotest parts of Telangana and knew almost each worker of the Party by name. He used to make it a point to always eat in the home of Party activist in the village he was visiting. Comrade Sundarayya had asked him to work in literacy movement in those days and he assumed it would involve teaching alphabets. But Comrade Sundarayya told him what was needed was the raising of consciousness among the poor. He asked him to read to them the novel �Mother� by Maxim Gorky. In a short period of six months, the bonded labour of Telangana began asserting themselves by refusing to be bonded labour. This consciousness led to the waging of land struggle, and then the armed struggle against the violence unleashed by the feudal landlords, and ultimately against the Nizam rule. Thus Comrade Sundarayya made a great contribution in ending the feudal system in Telangana, he said. Ramaiah also complimented the NBT for bringing out this book at a time when politics is being sought to be hijacked by money bags and market forces.


Atlury Murali in his remarks praised Professor Bipin Chandra, chairman of NBT, India for conceiving and publishing this autobiography. He put on record the great help received from the Sundarayya Vignana Kendram Trust in publishing this book. He also felt a biography on Comrade Sundarayya is needed and would complement this autobiography.


Telakapally Ravi, editor Prajasakti Book House and P Rajeswar Rao, general manager, Visalandhra Publishing House also spoke on this occasion. Neera Jain, editor NBT welcomed the gathering while P Mohan of NBT proposed a vote of thanks.