People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 27

July 05, 2009




Meeting Pledges Solidarity With Bengal Masses


AT the call of the CPI(M) Central Committee, the Chandigarh territorial committee of the party held a mass meeting in Cheema Bhawan, Sector 30-B in Chandigarh on June 29. It strongly condemned and raised its voice of protest against the killing of CPI(M) cadres, members and sympathisers, and the arson of their houses and offices by the Trinamool Congress people, backed by the so called Maoists. Veteran freedom fighter Rattan Singh presided over the meeting. He is chairman of the Control Commission of the CPI(M)�s Punjab state committee.


While addressing the meeting, state secretariat member Raghunath Singh said that backed by the American imperialism, the so called Maoists as well as the communal and reactionary forces, the Trinamool Congress went whole hog to disturb peace in West Bengal. It created a severe law and order problem in the state on the issue of Nandigram and Singur. And now its people are busy creating trouble by indulging in killing the innocent people, especially the CPI(M)�s supporters, as well as burning their houses, digging out roads and disconnecting the water and electricity connections in the Lalgarh area of Midnapur district. To date, they have killed about 60 workers of the Left Front parties, of which 53 belonged to the CPI(M). While lambasting the partisan attitude and propaganda of the so called human rights organisations against the Left Front government of West Bengal, Raghunath Singh said they too are backing the killer squads of the Trinamool Congress, the so called Maoists and the communal and reactionary forces in the state.


Rattan Singh said that after the 15th Lok Sabha elections, the Trinarnool Congress is creating the law and order problem in West Bengal in order to malign the image of the Left Front government and to thus create a ground for its dismissal.


The meeting pledged full solidarity with the peace loving people and the government of West Bengal. Others who addressed the meeting were Chandigarh territorial committee secretary M S Gorsi and the committee�s members Sunil Kumar, Naginder Kumar and Randhir Singh. (INN)