People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 26

June 28, 2009


Political Campaign In Bengal

To Foil Anarchic Attempts


A CONTINUOUS political campaign is going on in Bengal to resist the attempts by the forces of anarchy to disrupt peace and order.  A large rally held at Rani Rashmoni Road was the focal point for the first day of the programme on June 23, 2009.  There was another such central Left Front rally held at Howrah on the same day. 


As per reports reaching us, all the district headquarters witnessed big assemblages of people from all walks of life. They came together in condemnation of the doings of the Bengal opposition in the ranks of which there is the entire opportunist political array from the reactionary right to the sectarian left.


The Kolkata rally attracted more than ten thousand people. The addresses of the Left Front leaders were suitably interspersed with songs, recitations and such other cultural events.  Painters drew pictures in vivid colours and bold strokes of the brush-and-the-pen that represented the remonstration of the culture of Kolkata and Bengal against anarchy of every kind.  There was a poster exhibition on related themes as well.


Biman Basu, Bengal Left Front chairman said in his address, which expressed a controlled anger against the killings of the innocent yet taking place in Bengal courtesy of the Trinamulis, the Congressites, and the self-styled �Maoists,� that the Left Front had in the past battled against authoritarianism, communalism, divisism, and anarchy.  The task is not yet finished for the ruling classes continue to fuel disorder and division for their own class interest.  Where the ruling classes go, the corporate media follow faithfully.


Biman Basu recalled the terrible days, and months, and years between 1970 and 1977 when the dogs of war were let loose on the masses of Bengal. The CPI(M) was the prime target. The same form is hideously emulated shamelessly by the Bengal opposition following their detesting and condemnably triumphal fall-out of the electoral results they had had in recent times. 


Party offices are put to the torch, residences are pillaged, hutments are burnt to the ground, roads are dug up, crops are set on fire, relief materials are looted, women are harassed even molested, and above all, CPI(M) workers are butchered � 56 CPI(M) workers, and one Forward Block worker, being the latest list of casualties in Bengal.  In one area of Khejuri alone more than 200 residences, pucca, and kutcha have been pulled down and set fire to.  Ten offices of the Party have been burnt after being ransacked within a radius of 19-odd kilometres. 


The Trinamulis stated that a total of 45 activists of their ranks having been killed post-poll, but would print and publish, after a lengthy delay following the vaunted claim, carried expectedly in the corporate media with aplomb, a list containing 23 names. One name refers to a person as a resident of �Nandigram, of the south 24 Parganas living in the� (non-existent) �Purba Midnapore Lok Sabha constituency.�  Such gross �errors� of location linking the deceased to the area where that person lived, abound, among other �mistakes.�  This is a clear attempt to baffle the people, declared Biman Basu.  


(B P)