People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 20 

May 24, 2009


Trinamuli Assaults

Reach The Metropolis


DHAR Bagan in Rajabazaar in the heart of the metropolis of Kolkata was the scene of Trinamuli rampage during the night/morning of May 19-20, 2009. Fayez Ali a CPI(M) worker went in the morning of May 19 to the residential tenement house of his uncle to collect a blood donation card for his ailing cousin. 


His uncle Ala-ud din is a member of the Sealdah east local committee of the CPI(M). On seeing Fayez, a whole lot of drug peddlers who double as the local Trinamul ‘leadership,’ led by a history-sheeter named ‘Billy’ Raju, rushed at him with large switch-knives. 


Fayez ran for his life.  He was soon caught up, tripped to the ground, beaten up, stabbed, and left for dead, with multiple bleeding injuries.  When Ala-ud din’s wife came out to prevent further blows from raining down on the prostrate and groaning young man, she was caught hold of and flung to the ground, and then kicked. It was only the resistance of the local populace that ultimately made the attackers flee, threatening, and flinging abuses all the time as they ran.


We are told that northern parts of the city have been made especial targets of the Trinamuli attacks – from the Pathuriaghata Street in ‘old Kolkata,’ to the more recent Beliaghata bustee, and the Narkeldanga locality, attacks are being mounted on CPI(M) workers and sympathisers in a systematic manner. Ganashakti boards have been pulled down, ripped apart, and set fire to with impunity at several places here.


Attack in the

suburbs continue


The attacks continue in the suburbs.  At Maheshtala, a mufussil township in south 24 Parganas, variety goods stalls of three CPI(M) supporters, Prasanta Haldar, Doodhkumar Mondal, and Ananda Dolui were looted, wrecked completely, and then the remains set on fire, pauperising the three small traders completely. 


At the Daudpur gram panchayat area in Barasat in north 24 Parganas, bombs and crackers were thrown at a school building, making the students run panic-struck. Another feature here is the extortion of sums of money from CPI(M) workers and their relatives – the amounts ranging from five thousand rupees up to a lakh or two. Any negation meets with severe beating and worse, come night time. Staying in Barasat, the Trinamulis looted houses of a dozen-odd CPI(M) workers and made off with all their life savings, wrecking their hutments as well.


Role of

the media

The corporate media has intensified its anti-Communist role.  They print photos of CPI(M) workers grieving and caption them as ‘some man/ some woman’ as having been beaten up by ‘CPM’ -- and the shameless charade goes on and on.  Elsewhere the ‘Sushil Samaj,’ consisting of self-acclaimed anti-Communist ‘intellectuals,’ met the Trinamuli chief at a bash they had organised, and urged upon her to ‘advance the dates for the assembly elections to which the chieftain cheerily agreed, before flying off to the capital for a tête-à-tête with the central Congress leadership.