People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 19

May 17, 2009


On Comments Made By  Subhas Chakraborty

Biman Basu, secretary, West Bengal state committee of CPI(M) has issued the following statement on May 12, 2009

THE comments made by Subhas Chakraborty in an interview to a private news channel yesterday evening [May 11, 2009] have no connection whatsoever with the political position of the CPI(M). His assessment of the Congress party goes against the understanding of our Party. What he has said regarding the decision of not joining in a Congress-led government in 2004 is contrary to the resolutions of the central committee and the Party congress. Support to the Congress-led government was withdrawn by the Party in July 2008 based on a unanimous decision by the central committee. Had we not withdrawn support it would have meant our acceptance of the Congress government’s surrender before US imperialism. Our Party is firmly anti-imperialist and therefore we could not accept Congress government’s surrender before US imperialism. The central committee of the Party took these decisions in keeping with the line decided by the last Party congress.

The initiative to work for a non-Congress, non-BJP secular alternative government, which will adopt pro-people policies and pursue an independent foreign policy, was taken based a unanimous decision by the central committee. Discussions with various parties were held with the above objective. Discussions with BJD leader Navin Patnaik were also held as a part of this understanding. The BJD has severed links with the BJP and the NDA. Our Party believes that minimum programme which will be pro-people, secular, genuine federal system, and will formulate independent foreign policy is possible by the third front government which may exist based on mass struggles, and mass support in the country.