People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 13

April 05, 2009


Attacks On CPI(M) Workers Continue One Killed In Bankura

MURDEROUS assaults on CPI(M) workers go on in Bengal, especially in the laterite zone in the western part of the state abutting Bihar and Jharkhand. On March 29, late in the evening, Comrade Kanai Kumar, a humble woodworker of Arsha in Purulia was making his way back to his hutment along the looping road that went up and down the hillocks.

On one bend on the path, stood in ambush the killers, a mix of Pradesh Congress and Trinamul Congress goons -- all heavily armed with guns, pistols, knives, and adzes. They pounced on Comrade Kanai, shot him, and then proceeded to kill him.

A winding cortège accompanied his last remains to the local burning ghat for consignment to flames. Comrade Kanai had long been a target of the Pradesh Congress in particular for he had resisted all attempts by the thugs of that outfit to prevent the formation of the newly-elected Gram Sansad.

Elsewhere and not far away in Bankura, at a place called Jaipur, a large horde of Trinamul Congress hooligans attacked an election rally of the CPI(M), fired shots indiscriminately, and kidnapped the shot and wounded Sheikh Shahjahan, a dedicated CPI(M) worker. The CPI(M) activists gave chase, and they finally, literally, stumbled upon the prone Shahjahan who had in the meanwhile both his shins repeatedly pounded, broken, and then, in a gesture of inhuman cruelty, twisted out of shape.

Indeed, it was Shahjahan’s screams that enabled the CPI(M) workers to spot generally the place where he had been thrown from a vehicle as the cowards made good their escape in the descending darkness of the night of March 30. Removed to a hospital, Shahjahan fights for his very survival.

In the meanwhile, the Trinamul Congress candidate from the area has been known to call publicly for terror to be brought down on CPI(M) workers. Not too far away in Midnapore west at Lalgarh, ‘Gour’ of the CP (Maoist) has announced that police would not be allowed in the area during the poll days. ‘Gour’ has received vociferous support from the entire range of the right-wing opposition from the Pradesh Congress to the BJP to the Trinamul Congress.

(B P)