People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 5

February 15, 2009


CPI(M) Nails Down Police Lie

IN a statement issued from Bangalore on February 9, 2009, V J K Nair, Karnataka state secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), took exception to the false news that appeared in press in regard to the case of abduction of and assault on the daughter of a CPI(M) MLA who represents the Manjeshwar constituency in Kerala. The statement also pointed out that the five persons in the custody of Mangalore police are being made to falsely state that they belong to the DYFI, CITU and CPI(M) etc. The Vijayakarnataka ‘news’ about the `exposure’ that it is CPI(M) activists who did the abduction, is a complete fabrication.

B Madhava, who is Dakshina Kannada district secretary of the CPI(M) and its state secretariat m, has clarified the fact that Rajesh, one of the five abductors and belonging to Santadaka village, was earlier in the Mangalore Jail. He was involved in a case booked by the Mangalore police against Bajrang Dal activists about one and a half year back. Another person is Satheesh, the bus conductor, who is also an RSS worker now staying in Mangalore. He is the son of a panchayat member belonging to the CPI, not the CPI(M), in Manjeshwar and he does not even go to the village in Manjeshwar. Kunjambu, the CPI(M) MLA from Manjeshwar, has also clarified that all the four persons from Manjeswar are committed activists of the Sangh Parivar and are involved in the criminal activities being perpetrated these days by the Sangh Parivar organisations.

The statement asserted that these people have no connection whatsoever with the left parties or their mass organisations. None of the arrested persons belong to the DYFI or CITU or CPI(M). It has been ascertained that Vaishaka, the bus driver, and the bus conductor, both of whom have been arrested, do not belong to any union. Therefore, there is not even a remote chance that they are members of a CITU-affiliated union.

The Mangalore police have not arrested several of the members of the gang who abducted the students, Shruthi and Shabeeb. The girl (Shruthi) has identified that she was taken beyond the Padil overbridge and, from her description the CPI(M)’s leaders in Mangalore have surmised that she was taken to a village called Kannur in Mangalore taluk. There the girl was accosted by Bajrang Dal women activists and roughed up by them. Simultaneously, the boy (Shadeeb) was beaten up. The Mangalore police have not only failed to arrest the people who are really involved, but also helped in planting false information. The CPI(M) statement underlined that this was the style adopted by Goebbels in fascist Germany, i.e. in repeating a lie several times so as to make the people believe that it is true.

The Karnataka state secretariat of the CPI(M) has severely condemned this attitude of the Sangh Parivar and the BJP government. In its opinion, it is better that the mass media do not fall prey to the Goebbelsian methods adopted by the fascist gangs in Karnataka. (INN)