People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 46

November 23, 2008


Six Communist Parties Meet In Syria Demands Lift The Israeli Siege Of Gaza


Six communist parties took part in the celebrations held by the Syrian Communist Party on the occasion of the party's 84th anniversary.

The celebrations which were attended by huge masses were held at the headquarters of the Syria trade union's federation in Damascus, on November 13, 2008.

On this occasion the masses greeted the Syrian Communist Party wishing it all success in its political and social struggle for the realization of its goals.

The masses also expressed their support for Syria confronting all aggressive designs and pressures and denounced the savage American air raid on AlSukaria farm in AlBukamal area.

Taking part in the celebrations were the Greek communist party, the Cypriot AKEL party, the Jordanian communist party, the Lebanese communist party and the Palestinian people's party in the addition to host Syrian Communist Party.

The parties held a meeting during which they discussed the general situation in the area and the threats and pressures, which their countries are exposed to particularly by American imperialism.

The parties focused in their deliberations on the Palestinian situation and Israel's atrocious aggressions and siege on Gaza. The participants also discussed the difficult and hard humanitarian circumstances which the Palestinians are suffering from in Gaza as a result of the severe shortage of medical, food and oil supplies.

The parties condemned the arbitrary action taken by Israel to Judaize the holy city of Jerusalem. These atrocious measures, the statement said, constitute a threat to Islamic and Christian holy places in the city of Jerusalem. The statement also denounced the Israeli settlement policy, the seizure of Arab lands, the demolition of houses and over and above the building of the racist and isolation wall, in addition to the campaigns of arbitrary measures and mass arrests.

The statement expressed support for the Palestinian people's right to resist occupation by all means possible.

The participating communist parties called for launching an Arab and international campaign in support of the Palestinian people in order to break the Israeli siege of Gaza and for halting all hostile Israeli measures in the occupied West Bank. The parties also called for Palestinian unity and demanded the Palestinian sides to put and end, during a very possible short time, to the state of division and have a prompt and comprehensive national dialogue in-order to get the two Palestinian wings together.

The participating communist parties agreed to go on in coordinating their efforts and dialogues in cooperation with other communist, workers and leftist parties in the Arab world as well in the Middle East area.