People's Democracy

(Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)


No. 46

November 23, 2008



RSS Bomb Menace

 C P Aboobacker

IN a couple of days within a week, the monstrous face of the RSS was unveiled not twice, but several times. A few days ago, two RSS criminals were killed at Cheruvanchery in a very sad manner while they were making bombs. Though the RSS bandwagon, while removing the remnants of the crackers of a heavy mass, described the heinous act as a mishap, no one believed the incredulous statement. It was because one of the criminals killed was an accused in the notorious Ashna case in which the court has already given the preliminary judgement on November 14, and the judgement is that all the 13 accused in the case had committed the crime. The final judgement was to be released only on November 17.

At the place where bombs exploded, 19 live bombs were also unearthed.

These bombs are said to have excessive double potency of destruction.   

The police examined the location where the bombs were captured, and recovered blank liquor bottles and torn shorts also.

But the RSS monstrosity does not end there. On November 13, the police unearthed more than 10 dozens of locally made bombs with dangerous killing capacity. These were discovered in a local bomb-making factory of the RSS near North Poyiloor in Panoor area of Kannur district. They say the bombs were all made of arsenic sulphate. The police officer who led the campaign is one Jayan Dominic, sub-inspector of police in Kolavallur. The bombs were all kept in a depopulated compound of the area. The first 3 bags of bombs, containing one hundred, were captured by the police, followed by the capture of another bag containing 25 more bombs.

This is for the first time that such a number has been captured by the police in the state. Although it shows the efficiency of the state police, it also alarms the people of all sections that the RSS is again attempting to create riots in the district or even trying to resort to terror tactics in just the way the Sangh Parivar did it in Malegaon and some other places.

Another feature of the recent captures is that the bombs discovered were all made in the preceding two days. If political trends are to be read correctly, it is probably only a tip of the iceberg. The process of making bombs must have been going on for a pretty long time and the small number might have deceived the police while the culprits might have easily removed the remaining bombs safely to their destinations. Of course, with marginal support from the Congress party, the RSS is trying to incriminate the CPI(M), saying that the latter is making bombs. Whereby they only prove that they are also adept in making the bombs of untruths, which is quite natural for the fascist forces.    

The concerned locality falls in an RSS-BJP sphere of influence, and there is no other house within two kilometres circumference. The captured bombs were made on the top of a hill where none would be able to reach without the knowledge of the RSS-BJP men. Yet the RSS has started a campaign of mudslinging against the CPI(M) and its leaders. It is another thing that most of the media have realised the truth and have reported the naked truth of RSS participation in bombmaking frankly. In the meanwhile the murderers of the CPM  activist com. Com. Vijayan of Kollenkode are all convicted by the Palakkad Sessions Court. All the five culprits are sentenced to life imprisonment with a fine of RS Ten thousand each.  


The Purogamana Kalasahithya Sangham’s procession began on November 16.

The state committee of the Purogamana Kalasahithya Sangham has decided to launch a statewide protest rally against the imperialist hegemony, genocide in Orissa and elsewhere, and religious terrorism. The jatha commenced at Iriyanna in Kasarkod on November 16, and was inaugurated by Kannada theatre artists Prasanna and G Balamohan Thampi together. The jatha is being led by the well-known novelist U A Khader, who is president of the Purogamana Kalasahithya Sangham, and Professor V N Murali, its secretary. Prof. Erumeli Parameswaran Pillai, KEN, Ezhachery Ramachandran, Purushan Kadalundi, Professor Suja Susan George, and V Seethammal are the members of the jatha. The jatha will travel through all the fourteen districts, attending four receptions from each district. The jatha will conclude at Thiruvananthapuram on November 25. “Renaissance against Revivalism” is the basic slogan of the jatha.


A committee has been constituted by government of Kerala to study and submit a report on the labour issues in the information technology (IT) sector in Kerala.  The decision was taken after a meeting of the IT unit owners with the chief minister of Kerala.  V S Achuthanandan, the chief minister, informed the media men that a report would be submitted by the committee in the span of one month.  

Another committee is soon to be formed to study the health problems in the IT sector, and it will include the heads of companies, doctors etc. It has also been agreed to that the demand of the IT companies to reduce the electricity tariff and rental of the buildings also would be considered if electricity charges go up to an unbearable extent.